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On BEing Catholic

This week, as part of our Confirmation preparation, we asked the question, what does it mean to BE Catholic? Our discussion began by “getting to know” people who are “famous” Catholics. Many of the people we talked about are people we read about in the news everyday. We also talked about saints, priests and bishops, and the folks around our parish. Which brings us to the idea that all Catholics are called to be saints, as in, “let’s all be a part of the communion of saints!” The Catholic Catechism states being Catholic even more simply when it says that God gives each of us unique talents and that our mission in life is to use those talents in ways that bring good to others or even, bring glory to God.

A few years ago, the Archdiocese asked us all what our reasons were for being Catholic. They came up with a Top 10 list that included the saints, Mary, sacraments, and The Eucharist among other things. Ours is a rich tradition with much to offer. The source and summit of our Catholic experience is the Eucharist which we can receive anytime we go to mass. The Eucharist is Jesus and it is communion with Him and each other: the heart of BEING Catholic.

As we prepare for the final leg of the journey of Catholic initiation, it’s good to consider what it means to be Catholic. Ask your parents, a grandparent, your sponsor. You may receive a different answer from every person. And that’s ok. Consider this though: how does each person’s point back to Jesus?