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October is the month of the Rosary

The Battle of Lepanto was a five-hour naval battle between the main fleet of the Ottoman Empire and the fleet of the Holy League, a group of maritime states of southern European Catholic countries. It was fought on October 7, 1571, in the northern waters off the coast of Greece. The Ottoman Empire fleet was defeated by the Holy League.

Pope Pius V knew that the forces of the Holy League were much smaller than the fleet of the Ottoman Empire. Consequently, the pope called on all of Christian Europe to pray the rosary for success against the Ottomans. He led a rosary procession in Rome for this success. After the defeat of the Ottomans at Lepanto on October 7, he called for a feast day in honor of the defeat and called the day Our Lady of Victory. In 1573, Pope Gregory XIII changed the title of the feast to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. Then two centuries later Pope Clement XI extended the feast to all the Latin Rite, laid it in the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints in 1716, and placed it on the first Sunday in October.

When we celebrate Our Lady of the Holy Rosary this fall, remember all the fallen soldiers of all the wars. Pray for peace and for the reign of Christ to bring all people into right relationships