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Installation of Fr. Andrew A. Mensah as the pastor of St. Isidore and St. John

Blessings of Peace and Joy to you!

On Saturday, August 24, Archbishop Jackels will visit St. Isidore parish to preside over holy Mass and my installation as the pastor of St. Isidore at Springville and St. John at Lisbon-Mount Vernon.

My installation as the pastor of our sister parishes of St. Isidore and John is to fulfill certain canonical  provisions in the  Code of Canon Law that require every new pastor appointed by the bishop of a diocese to take possession of the parish which has been entrusted to him to provide pastoral care.

According to Canon 527 # 1, “The person who has been promoted to carry out the pastoral care of a parish obtains this care and is bound to exercise it from the moment of taking possession. And #2 adds, “The local ordinary or a person delegated by him places the pastor in possession; he is to observe the method accepted by particular law or legitimate custom…”

As it happens with almost every ecclesiastical assignment, three elements come to the fore in the establishment of one as a pastor of a parish: first, the bishop makes a provision for the office of the pastor by appointing him. Second, the person follows a designated method to assume possession (and here in the Archdiocese, a pastor makes the profession of faith and takes the Oath of Fidelity as prescribed in Canon 833#6). Third, the pastor takes possession of the parish only after the Archbishop or his delegate who is presiding over the installation, in the presence of witnesses, formerly gives the possession of the parish to him. The two paraphs of Canon 527 particularly underscore this final element.

It must be noted that in most cases, the Dean of the deanery or the Vicar General, presides over the installation of the new pastor. However, notwithstanding the setback he experienced in his health few months ago, the Archbishop graciously obliged my request to come and perform this ceremony for me and our parishes. For this reason, I am confident that as many of you as are able will come from both parishes for this special event taking place on the eve of St. Isidore’s parish festival.

Thank you and God bless our parish families.

Fr. Andrew