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The sacrament of Confirmation
celebrates the completion of Baptism
and a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit,
given through anointing with Sacred Chrism,
accompanied by the laying on of hands and prayer,
which strengthens the faithful as members of the Church
to spread and defend the Catholic Faith by word and deed.

Confirmation is usually offered during a student’s Sophomore year. Students under 18 and sophomores or older are welcome to register for the formal preparation program through Faith Formation. Those 18 or older should contact the RCIA team.

Archbishop Jackels will preside at a Confirmation Mass on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Dates for Confirmation Preparation 2018-2019

Oct 21  

following mass


Conversation 1: Encountering Jesus
Dec 2 12:30-5:00pm Confirmation Retreat with All Saints parish
Dec 16 following mass Conversation 2: What do we believe?
Jan 20 following mass Conversation 3, Sponsors Welcome: What does it mean to BE CATHOLIC?
Feb 17 following mass Conversation 4, Sponsors Welcome: How do we express our faith?
Mar 10 following mass Conversation 5, Sponsors Welcome: Are we prepared?
Mar 24 following mass Rehearsal for those choosing to celebrate the sacrament.  Sponsors are asked to come.  If the sponsor is not local, a parent can stand in for rehearsal.
Mar 27 6:30 pm Mass with Archbishop Jackels
Apr 3 7:00 pm Mystagogy. Celebrate being newly confirmed with your peers.

Confirmation FAQ's

Q. Who can be confirmed?

A. According to Church guidelines, anyone over the age of 7 who has been baptized may receive the Sacrament. Locally, we invite students to be confirmed in their sophomore year. This tradition allows us to invite the Archbishop to confirm a group of students in one mass. Candidates must also have a sponsor, be suitably instructed, be in a state of grace, have the intention of being confirmed, and be able to renew their baptismal promises.


Q. Can a sponsor be a family member?

A. Sponsors must be confirmed Catholics. We encourage students to choose a sponsor who is active in the church and who lives out their faith. Parents cannot be sponsors but other family members could be asked.

Reflections from each Confirmation Session

Expressing Our Faith, Sunday Feb. 17

We talked about different ways that our faith is expressed and began with these three verses from scripture:  “be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another [in] psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and playing to the Lord in your hearts, giving thanks always and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus […]

On BEing Catholic

This week, as part of our Confirmation preparation, we asked the question, what does it mean to BE Catholic? Our discussion began by “getting to know” people who are “famous” Catholics. Many of the people we talked about are people we read about in the news everyday. We also talked about saints, priests and bishops, […]

Confirmation, Sunday, October 21: Encountering Jesus

Pope Benedict stated “Being Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the result of an encounter with an event, a person, that gives life a new, decisive direction.” In Acts, we read about the Ascension. Luke states that Jesus “presented himself alive to [the apostles]…during forty days [following […]

Confirmation Session 1, Sept. 30

Confirmation is a big deal. It is the completion of an initiation process that, for most of us, began when we were infants. In many ways, the sacrament is meant to give a young person a voice, a decision, a choice in committing to the Catholic (and other Christian) faith. Another way to look at […]