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Faith Formation


St. John’s Faith Formation Office promotes programs for all ages. There are scheduled faith formation sessions for children in PK through 12th grade, specific programs for sacramental preparation which includes Baptism, Reconciliation and Eucharist, and Matrimony. Throughout the year, there are also events held that encourage Adult Faith Formation that include small faith sharing groups.

To register for Faith Formation for the 2019-20 school year, click the link below.  Even if there have been no changes in the waiver information it is necessary to complete the form each year. If you have forgotten your password there will be a box on the home screen you can click on and it will provide your password.

2019-20 Faith Formation Fees


$165/2 children

$215/3 children

$235 max/family

$35 sacramental fee (2nd grade, First Eucharist; 10th grade, Confirmation)

$20 fee for families not registered at the parish

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