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Catholics Reading the Bible

This semester, the high school faith formation team has focused on opening scripture. It’s been a chaotic semester with all of the weather cancellations, but we have slowly been walking through the beauty that is unfolded in the Bible.

We spent two weeks in January reading about some of the people of the Bible and some of our favorite stories. We met people like Miriam (Ex 15:19), and Joseph (Gen 37) and became reacquainted with more familiar folks like Paul, Abraham, and David. Some of our more favorite stories were the story of Joseph and his brothers, the tale of Jonah trying to hide from God, and the story of the fiery furnace (Dan 3).

Throughout our scripture journey, we have focused on how the stories of the Old Testament lead us and point to the stories of Jesus. In February, we have taken a closer look at what’s known as Salvation History – the timeline that shows us how the events written about in the Old Testament build up to Jesus’ birth and ultimate resurrection. The HS Mentor team recommends the book “The Real Story” by Edward Sri and Curtis Martin if you’d like to learn more. Copies of this book are on our book cart in the gathering space.