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An Easter Search for the body

At our Easter retreat on April 24, we asked ourselves a couple questions. The first was, “who are you looking for?” In the opening verses of the Passion story, in all four Gospels, there are a lot of people looking for Jesus. Why are they searching for him, and who remained once He was taken as a prisoner?

As the Passion story unfolds, each Gospel provides us glimpses into the people who witnessed the events unfold. There were those who laughed, those who mourned, and those who tried to help. Jesus loved them all.

The second question comes to us with Easter morning: “Where’s the Body?” This is a question not just for that Easter morning following Jesus’ death, but for us today. Where can we find “the body of Christ?” In Luke’s Gospel, in the days following the resurrection, a couple apostles are walking on the road to Emmaus. A fellow traveler approaches them and the men walk and talk. They stop and share a meal. Only when they break bread together do the apostles recognize Jesus’ presence among them. Challenge yourself to consider where was The Body of Christ in this story? Perhaps the story of Emmaus is what our Christian life should look like: we walk along together, we experience what others have to say and we are open to their stories. WE break bread together. We have hope. We do these things and our hearts WILL burn with love, for others and for Jesus Christ.