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A Note about Wednesday Night Faith Formation Parking

Since the beginning of the 2018-2019 Faith Formation year, Wednesday night dropping off and loading the students has taken place in the lower level.  Several things have been noted over the past weeks by parents and staff:

  1. Parking in the lower level and coming in to get your children has resulted in no waiting in line.  
  2. More importantly, parents are no longer backed-up to highway 1, creating a one-lane road.  The neighbors appreciate this a lot.
  3. Instead of having to leave home a lot earlier to get a place in line, you can park your vehicle, enter the lower level, collect your child or children, return to your vehicle and leave.  
  4. It is safer, and a relief for staff, to not have to worry that a child will run out in front of a moving vehicle.
  5. A volunteer (usually Judy) doesn’t have to stand outside with the children as all of them brave the elements, which often are not fun, especially when raining or snowing or just plain cold.  

As a result, on Wednesday nights, 4th-8th grade students will continue to be dropped off and picked up on the lower level.  Beginning this Wednesday, 4th – 8th grade students will go to the upper level education wing to sign in.  During November and December classes they will continue to use the stairs by the kitchen to get to the ed wing, due to Fr. Jack holding reconciliation in the hallway on the upper level.  As one parent said, the parking lot project is a blessing in disguise, helping us with a better faith formation pick-up process. For parents with small children in their car (Wednesday evening or Sunday morning) please contact me via email at so we can plan to assist getting your child or children safely to your vehicle.  

Please remember that as the parents you are required to enter the building and physically pick up your children, have an older child come in to get them or contact me to make plans to help get your child or children safely to your vehicle.  Thank you for your help.

Linda Hansmeier,

Director of Faith Formation

St. John the Baptist

Cell: 319 540 1190