Video for  the Parish Liturgy Committee – Leaders of the parish Liturgy Committee can view the webinar on how to plan meetings for the Liturgy Committee.  Peggy Lovrien, Director of Worship for the Archdiocese, draws on her 25 years of parish ministry and 20 years of Diocesan Office leadership for this presentation.

Hymnbooks vs. disposable books – The Liturgy Committee can help the parish to sing the liturgy better and to practice thoughtful use of parish money by using hymn-books.  Review the file entitled, Hymnbooks Cheaper than Missalletts  to learn more. (File used by permission of GIA Publications.)




OCM with a Deacon presiding.   We are grateful to parishioners of Resurrection Parish in Dubuque, IA who took the time and effort to make this video for our benefit.

Rev. Dennis Quint of the Archdiocesan Worship Commission talks about the Order of Celebrating Matrimony in the parish.

Ms. Amy Dolan of the Archdiocesan Worship Commission talks about  Music and Weddings, OCM, in the parish.

Resource booklet for parish musicians is available by calling the Worship Office,  563-552-2580 x 282

Video of the Order of Celebrating Matrimony with a priest presiding – Mass.

Resources for OCM are prepared for you by our United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.




Faith Share Brochure

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The Paschal Mystery and The Twin Tables of the Liturgy

The Mass: A synopsis of Our Journey in Faith

Say “Amen” to Who You Are:  The Body and Blood of Christ