Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus

Better Parishes, Better Lives.LLJImage Leadership is not about structure. It’s about relationships. Leadership happens every time someone tries to influence someone else. So, everyone is a leader some of the time. But often our leadership efforts are not effective – we are ignored, undermined, even ridiculed and reviled. Jesus showed us a better way – because Jesus was the best leadership teacher and role model of all time.

Modern empirical studies continue to affirm the value of Jesus’ leadership approach in every setting – at home, work, in our parishes and in the network of other communities of which we are all a part.

You can be a better leader – helping to bring about better outcomes – as a spouse, parent, grandparent, friend, team member, team leader, worker, supervisor, manager, sales executive, CEO, scout leader, youth coach, club member or officer, as a pastor and as a parishioner.

In large ways and small, you can help build a better world and help usher in the Kingdom of God. It’s a matter of learning to lead like Jesus.

The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus Encounter is provided by The Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute, which is devoted to teaching you how to become a Jesus-like leader – Servant, Steward, Shepherd.


The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus Encounter
This experience provides you a warm and intimate, intense and inspiring understanding of how to be a S3 (Servant, Steward, Shepherd) Jesus-like Leader. Using a mix of engaging videos, self-discovery exercises, small and large group discussion and live presentations, the Encounter puts you on a life-long track to more effective, satisfying and growth-filled relationships at home, work, in your parish and in all other communities of which you are a part.


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