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The Family Life Office and the Deacons’ Task Force on Marriage Offerings

The following are various marriage enrichment presentations and programs that your MELT (Marriage Enrichment Leadership Team) can offer to married couples of your parish/cluster. To book one of these offerings or for additional information, please contact Matt Selby at (563) 556-2580 ext. 233 or


Your Marriage – The Great Adventure
90 Minutes
Deacon Gary and Kay Aitchison

Every marriage deserves Prime Time.  Couples are challenged to keep love alive by making their marriage their top priority.  101 exciting ideas that will add zip, zest and vitality to a relationship!


Grandparenting: The Grand Adventure
90 Minutes
Deacon Gary and Kay Aitchison

This presentation highlights the unique role of grandparents in the family dynamic.  The presenters speak with humor and insight as they explore the vocation of grand parenting and provide lively suggestions and ideas to better help grandparents connect with their grandchildren.


The Second Half – Challenges of the Empty Nest
90 Minutes
Deacon Vic and Nancy DeSloover

This presentation considers the many elements that make a marriage more loving and fulfilling as two people grow older. In a mature relationship, spouses recognize and appreciate the good in their marriage, not only in the past, but right here and now. A mature couple is in a unique position to eliminate frustrations as they are drawn ever closer. Intimacy finds a new dimension – a dimension that moves beyond the physical encounter and joins them in spirit as well as body. Spousal discussion starters are included.


Internet Images – Protecting your children from online pornography
90 Minutes
Deacon Phil and Julie Paladino

Our children are growing up in a digital world. Technology is part of their lives. 73% of children are exposed to pornography before age 18. Parents are the link in the chain when it comes to protecting their children. This information meeting will provide information for parents to equip themselves for ongoing conversations about internet pornography with their children.


Two Hours – Men are like Waffles – Women are like Spaghetti
Offered by the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Teams

Marriages are intended to be happy and harmonious. This is why many decisions are affected by how one spouse responds to the other. This presentation focuses on how to understand the differences between men and women – and delighting in those differences.

(Cost – Call for local costs)


One day (Saturday or Sunday) or an eight-week program

REFOCCUS – The Inventory for Marriage Enrichment (Available in Spanish)
Deacon Tom and Kris Lang
Eight sessions:

  1. Introduction
  2. Marriage is a process
  3. Intimacy
  4. Compatibility
  5. Communication
  6. Commitment
  7. Ministry marriages
  8. Review and Dinner together

Cost – $15.00 per couple plus snacks, set up, etc.


The Marriage You Always Wanted by Gary Chapman
Available for free from the Archdiocesan Resource Center or inquire about a presenting couple.
Five Sessions:

  1. Communication 101
  2. Understanding and experiencing love
  3. Initiating positive change
  4. Making sex a mutual joy
  5. How to share the things that bug you

Parish/cluster small group program
Embracing God’s Plan for Marriage – A Scripture Study for Couples

Book by Mark and Melanie Hart – Available for free from the Archdiocesan Resource Center or inquire about a presenting couple. Marriage is intended to bless us, fulfill us and give us a path to holiness. This Bible study will help couples grow in love – for God and one another!

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