New Media & Media Picks

Below you will find media updates from the Education Resource Center. The annotates media that has been added to the ERC's collection in recent months. The Media Picks listings annotate media that is suggested for liturgical and seasonal events or media that is particularly noteworty of highlighting. Spread the MESSAGE with media! To find content in the table below use the search box directly above the table or sort by clicking on the title of each column.

New MediaMedia Picks
July 2018 New MediaRespect Life - Respecting Self
August - September 2018 New MediaEnlisting Witnesses for Jesus Christ
November 2018 New MediaDivine Mercy Media Picks
December 2018 New MediaRosary Mysteries Musicals
December 2018 New Media IIChristmas Around the World
Small Group Resources – Women’s Groups
Virtual Stations of the Cross
Lenten DVD Series for Adults
Encountering Jesus in the Eucharist
First Eucharist: Drawing Families into Community