Dubuque Archdiocese Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) established in 1932

Affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women founded in 1920


  1. Promote Human Dignity and Respect Life
    • Find resources to help educate families eliminate access to pornography.
    • Support the USCCB pastoral initiatives for marriage (www.NACFLM.org)
    • Partner with Dubuque Archdiocesan priests to relay message for anti-porn messages and e-mail to parishes, Catholic schools and Religious Education programs.
  2. Promote life from conception to natural death
    • Sponsor Legislation opportunities (example – Voting your conscience
    • Provide support and Prayer for Life.
    • Put articles featuring life in The Link-(Dubuque quarterly publications)
    • Each deanery shall promote making layettes for local distribution or find their own recipients throughout the two year period. A tally of layettes of those distributed shall be reported at the annual ACCW convention.
    • Partner with the Rachel Vineyard and Gabriel Projects.
  3. Support our priests and seminarians
    • Send cards at Christmas and Easter with Spiritual Bouquets.
    • Give monetary gift to seminarians
    • At time of Ordination present a stipend and a Jerusalem Cross stole.
    • Encourage deaneries to choose a way to support priests in their own deanery (example Priest Appreciation Day with meals and gifts).
    • Monetary Contribution to Archbishop.
    • Appreciate the services of Spiritual Advisors
    • Priest Convocation – ACCW will sponsor/provide breakout snack.
  4. Promote Spiritual Growth
    • Increase participation in ACCW Religious Recognition Programs for Adults and Youth within the Dubuque Archdiocese.
    • Promote events for the Year of Faith (Deanery and ACCW Days of Recollection)
    • Promote pilgrimage trips to religious shrines or locations. (Plenary Indulgences)
    • Learn more about Cross International and other NCCW programs and take action on programs deemed appropriate for our Archdiocese
    • Promote Our Lady of Good Counsel on Feast Day of April 26.
    • Partner with programs that do Catholic Evangelization for year of Faith (example Martha and Mary Conference).
  5. Promote memberships and activities in ACCW and NCCW.
    • Parish membership
    • Deanery membership
    • ACCW membership
    • NCCW membership (individual/affiliation)
    • The Witness publication
    • Archdiocesan Website
    • ACCW Delegates to NCCW Convention
    • Catholic Woman Publication and NCCW Connect electronic newsletter
    • Utilize the American Martyrs Retreat House for quarterly business meetings
    • Friday Day funds designation for St. Kateri Tekakwitha tribute at AMRH
    • Support Catholic Relief Services such as Works of Peace Help a Child, Madonna Plan, and Water for Life
    • Support the work of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  6. Leadership for Catholic Women
    • Sponsor Regional NCCW Leadership Training (LTD) for a 100+ women, October 19, 2013 at St. Francis DeSales parish Ossian, IA co-hosted by Decorah Deanery
  7. Service – more inclusion with Parish and Diocesan committees
    • Recognition of ACCW parish contacts in the Dubuque Archdiocesan Directory
  8. Archdiocesan Pastoral Center Inclusion
    • Maintain presence on the Archdiocese web site
    • Office space and phone service under review
    • Included in Directory of Services brochure
    • ACCW Archives/Artifacts

Mission Statement

Dubuque Archdiocese Council of Catholic Women (ACCW)

Empowers, Educates, and Supports all Catholic Women in Spirituality, Leadership and Service.