Master’s of Education

Clarke MAE/Archdiocesan Forgivable Loan Program

Forgivable Loan Rationale

Based upon a mutual belief and support of Catholic Education and in an effort to better serve those teaching in Archdiocesan schools and related programs, the Office of Faith Formation and Education of the Archdiocese of Dubuque and Clarke University have initiated a collaborative Master of Arts in Education (MAE) Degree. This offering will enable Catholic School teachers/professional staff in the Archdiocesan schools to pursue a post-baccalaureate education to earn a Master of Arts Degree in Education at Clarke University.

Realizing that the cost for further education and training can be cost prohibitive for individuals to assume on their own, the MAE Forgivable Loan Program was established in 2005 to assist in subsidizing the continuing education of teachers/professional staff to serve the students of the Archdiocese through this program.

Who is Eligible?

Teachers/professional staff in the Archdiocesan schools who intend to pursue the teaching profession at the post-baccalaureate level to earn a Master of Arts Degree in Education and take courses in the MAE program. This loan only applies to Clarke University courses in the MAE program.

What is the level of funding available?

The Archdiocese offers 18 credit hours of the program at a reduced rate of $100 per credit through the contributed services of its staff. With the current graduate credit rate of $660 for tuition and $30 for fees per credit hour for the 2012-13 school year, the archdiocesan reduction is $590 per credit hour it provides. Tuition for summer is discounted for MAE students.

Forgivable Loans are available for courses taught by Clarke University and the amount of the loan is annual and is based on the total number of courses taken by student(s). Furthermore, forgivable loans are not given for course work which has already been completed and paid for. Students are responsible for materials, books, and fees.

What are Student Responsibilities?

Anyone receiving a forgivable loan makes a written commitment to serve in the Archdiocese for three years of service after completion of course work for which a forgivable loan has been received.

How to Apply:

Students make application to request the forgivable loan through Clarke University by completing the application form at the time of course registration. Clarke then provides the forgivable loan applications to the Office of Faith Formation and Education (OFFE). The OFFE then verifies the applicant’s employment in an Archdiocesan school and a check is sent to Clarke University for the designated amount. The applicant is appraised of the loan award through a letter from OFFE.

A running record is kept at Clarke and the OFFE for each student. Please note that forgivable loan applications must be completed each semester courses are taken. Applications should be completed at registration and given to the Clarke University Graduate Studies Office who then sends them to the Office of Faith Formation and Education.

Due dates are:

  • October 1 for the first semester
  • February 1 for the second semester
  • May 1 for the summer sessions