TCL Agenda – September 13, 2016

2016-2017 TCL Program

Program Logistics

5 face-to-face sessions@ AEA 267 (Cedar Falls)

2 remote sessions


¤Tue, Sep 13, 2016  TCL Program, Session 1 – All Trails

¤Thu, Oct 6, 2016  TCL Program, Session 2 – All Trails, HSPLN – Science

¤Thu, Nov 10, 2016 TCL Program, Session 3 – All Trails, HSPLN – Science

¤Jan/Feb, 2017 (TBD)  TCL Program, Session 4 – All Trails (Online)**

¤Tues, Feb 28, 2017  TCL Program, Session 5 – All Trails, HSPLN – Social Studies

¤Thur, Apr 6, 2017  TCL Program, Session 6 – All Trails, HSPLN – Social Studies

¤Thu, May 4, 2017  TCL Program, Session 7 – Technology Vision Course



Creating Innovators


¤Cathy Feldman (Tech Coordinator – St. Edwards, Waterloo)

¤Credits – 3 (optional)

¤Course Description: This course will embed the principles of researched based engaged learning and reform instruction as they relate to the Problem/Project/Challenged Based Learning instructional model and indicators of high technology performance.

¤Eligible for Clarke MAE program


Brain Based Learning


¤Julie Crotty (Former Elementary/Special Education Teacher, AEA School Improvement Consultant)

¤Credits – 3 (optional)

¤Course Description: This course will deepen participants’ understanding of problem/project-based learning as model for instruction to meet the various needs of all students using brain-based learning. Students will refine their skills in lesson/unit design using brain-based learning as a framework for instruction; develop a theoretical understanding of the “science” behind engaged learning; internalize skills and knowledge in a way that results in application across content areas; be able to articulate the theoretical basis behind brain-based learning as they share their experiences with colleagues, students, parents, and communities.

¤Eligible for Clarke MAE program

 Characteristics of Effective Instruction


¤Vicki Ries (Teacher, technology Coordinator – Newman Elementary, Mason City)

¤Barb Ressler (English Teacher – Wahlert High School, Dubuque)

¤Credits – 3 (optional)

¤One time only

¤Course Description: The instructional content for this annual extension course focuses on current research and cutting edge practices relating to Characteristics of Effective Instruction and technology integration. Research shows that teaching and learning in the digital age are moving targets. In response, the course will focus on motivation and strategies for engagement in the varying content areas.

¤Eligible for Clarke MAE program

Technology for Teaching and Learning


¤Sheila Miller (Technology Coordinator – Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta, Waterloo)

¤Cathy Walz (Associate Director – Catholic Schools Office, Cedar Rapids)

¤Credits – 3 (optional)

¤One time only

¤Course Description: This course will address incorporation of technology into instructional practice. Students will explore the use of technology in their classroom and begin to make shifts in lesson design and implementation of technology driven learning experiences to achieve higher levels of learning and engagement.

¤Eligible for Clarke MAE program

Action Research


¤Matthew Herrick (Principal – St. Francis, Marshalltown)

¤Credits – 6 (optional)

¤Course Description: This course complements the Career Development Plan that supports the veteran teacher in his/her professional development while providing for the ongoing assessment of the career teacher’s masters of the Iowa Teaching Standards. Students will identify a questions or an issue within there sphere of influence and follow a thoughtful, proactive and/or responsive process towards making data-based action decisions to initiate a change. Through the entire process, students will continue to pose questions and find answers through the completion of in-depth research, literature review, critical feedback, data collected, and analyzed from various sources and perspectives.

¤Required for Clarke MAE program

Leadership and Vision


¤Jim Osterberger (Director of Faith Formation and Education – Catholic Schools Office)

¤Credits – 3 (optional)

¤Course Description: This course will embed the principles of research-based engaged learning and reform instruction as they relate to indicators of high technology performance. The student will explore/apply change theory as it applies to the learning program; become acquainted with constructivist learning models; identify standards/benchmarks of a comprehensive learning program; discuss rubrics and authentic assessment as they relate to the effective integration of technology; integrate technology learning tools as they relate to the educational process and to learners with special needs; and plan for and engage teachers/learners in the use of the tool of technology. The roles and process of educational leadership will be investigated and applied as they relate to the implementation of a comprehensive technology planning process. Current research findings and forecasting future trends in educational technology will be investigated.

¤Required for Clarke MAE program

High School Professional Learning Network


¤Mindy Hart (Associate Director – Catholic Schools Office, Waverly)

¤Credits – 1 (optional)

¤One time only

¤Course Description: This course will deepen participants understanding of the Iowa Core standards. Focus will be on high leverage strategies impacting student learning and achievement. Students will have opportunities to share effective instructional practices and resources, expanding upon their instructional repertoire.

¤Eligible for Clarke MAE program (new)


Clarke MAE Program

Have a goal to earn your Master’s Degree but wonder how you’ll find the time or money to do it? Clarke University and the Archdiocese may have the answer!!


¤Personalized instruction in a blended format of face-to-face and online coursework.

¤A focus on Catholic education.


¤Your TCL courses make up almost half of the program.

¤The Clarke courses are in the summer (6 credits in 6 weeks)

Cost Effective

¤Because of the Archdiocesan benefit, your Master’s degree is half the normal cost.

¤Every course taught by Archdiocesan faculty costs you $100 per credit hour.

¤The archdiocese offers a forgivable loan program and pays up to $100 per credit hour of the courses taught by Clarke faculty.

MAE Elective Courses

Select two of the following four –

  • Creating Innovators (3 credits)
  • Characteristics of Effective Instruction (3 credits)
  • Technology for Teaching and Learning (3 credits)
  • Brain Based Learning (3 credits)

MAE Required Courses

  • Action Research (6 credits)
  • Leadership and Vision (3 credits)
  • Teacher as Leader (3 credits)