Hiring a New Faith Formation Leader
The following documents are designed to provide assistance and guidance in the hiring of a new faith formation leader. This recommended process is to be used as an aid to Pastors as they seek to hire competent and qualified personnel for their Faith Formation program(s).
Hiring Process for New Faith Formation Leaders 030117
Qualities and General Responsibilities of a Faith Formation Leader 030117
Descriptions of Faith Formation Leader Positions 030117
Suggested Questions for Interviewing an Applicant 030117


Article Eucharistic Adoration – Parent Invitation Eucharistic Adoration Session Poster – Church Worksheet
Julie Hill from St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Dubuque has developed a special session for both students and parents on Eucharistic Adoration. She offers both an explanation of the session, a detailed lesson plan with times assigned for each part of the lesson as well as an invitation for parents to attend this event, a poster, and a family worksheet.  Archbishop Jackels has stressed the importance of Eucharistic Adoration so you may consider a session such as this to your program. For more information, email Julie at Click above for all of the documents.


Eucharistic Adoration Brochure
This brochure is intended to assist with making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and Eucharistic Adoration.


FFL Checklists 2016-2017
These checklists are intended to provide FFLs with a list of items that generally should be taken care of or reviewed at the beginning and end of the year.


Information to Pass On to a New Faith Formation Leader 2017
This document details resources, books, documents, etc., that should be left in your office if you are leaving your position.  Please make sure that the new FFL has pertinent calendars with both parish events and Archdiocesan offerings to help your successor’s transition into the position is easier.


1718 Faith Formation Registration Form
1718 Faith Formation Registration Form Sp
These are materials to use when creating registration materials for your parish programs.


What Is A Catechist
This brochure details frequently asked questions about teaching in a faith formation program, highlights the spirituality that is generated in a catechetical setting and explains some of the responsibilities of a catechist. You can personalize the brochure with your name, parish email address and phone number.  Send the flyers home in the bulletin or a newsletter or distribute them at up-coming parish meetings.  The brochure was designed to help you, the FFL, to recruit interested and willing individuals to share the stories of their faith with others.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Things an FFL Can Do for a Great Lent

Praying Lent