Archdiocese of Dubuque

Suggested Faith Formation Leader Evaluation

For use during the 2015-2016 Program Year

As we strive to provide the best opportunities for the faith development of those we work with, it is vital that we continue to offer professional development for our Faith Formation Leaders (FFLs). To aid in this process we have found that an evaluation tool can be very helpful. The Archdiocesan Offices of Adolescent Faith Formation and Catechetical Services have developed this tool to help Pastors, together with their Faith Formation Commissions (FFCs), identify and affirm Faith Formation Leaders’ strengths, determine goals, and identify opportunities for professional growth. In suggesting evaluation, it is our hope that evaluation is an ongoing process that utilizes this or another tool and is based on the job description as well as the qualities and competencies of the Faith Formation Leader. We ask that you please send a summary of this or other evaluation to the Office of Catechetical Services. Thank you.


FFL Evaluation 2015-2016