FFL/CSA Book Club

FFL Book Club 2016-2017

A Church on the Move: 52 Ways to Get Mission and Mercy in Motion by Joe Paprocki

The 2016-17 FFL and CSA Book Club


FFL Book Club 2015-2016

The Church of Mercy by Pope Francis

2015-2016 Book Club


FFL Book Club 2014-2015

Redeeming Administration: 12 Spiritual Habits for Catholic Leaders by Ann M. Garrido

In her book, 12 Spiritual Habits for Catholic Leaders, Ann Garrido helps people see how the ordinary lives of leaders opens the pathways to spiritual formation. In her words, “administration calls us” to a set of 12 spiritual values.

This year’s book can be discussed one chapter at a time or possibly two chapters at a time. Do whatever works for your DIOCORE, YM, or principal gathering. This year’s book does include questions for reflection and prayer so do consider the questions before you meet with others for discussion.

You may choose to journal about these reflection questions for the following chapters. FFLs, please share your thoughts about the highlighted questions in $FFLSharing. This is a great way to have discussion beyond your area and deanery.

Chapter 1: Breadth of Vision
Companion for the Journey: Angela Merici
Can you think or share the story of a time when you had to let go of your own agenda for the common good?

Chapter 2: Generativity
Companion for the Journey: Jordan of Saxony
What hinders you most from being able to exercise generativity in a consistently healthy way?

Chapter 3: Trust
Companion for the Journey: Louise de Marillac
What insights do you take from the Life of St. Louise? Is there a time in your ministry/administration when you were called upon your readiness to trust?

Chapter 4: Agape
Companion for the Journey: Richard of Chichester
Is there situation where God is calling you to love more freely, without reward or recognition? When burdened with the work of administration, do you turn to agape, true Christian love where we come to know Christ?

Chapter 5: Integrity
Companion for the Journey: Bruno
Is there a time in your own life as an administrator that you were called to greater integrity and had to make a difficult decision? Did this sense of greater integrity change your life?

Chapter 6: Humility
Companion for the Journey: Martha
Is there a time where you learned something about yourself in the course of your ministry? How did this influence you? How can you incorporate a sense of humility into your work?

Chapter 7: Courage
Companion for the Journey: Ambrose
Is there a situation you face in your administration that calls for great courage? Have you been avoiding this ordeal? How can St. Ambrose and his perception of courage help you with this situation?

Chapter 8: Reflection
Companion for the Journey: Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe
Is there a time in your ministry when you need to be open to change or make a change and you came to this conclusion through reflection and discernment?

Chapter 9: Humor
Companion for the Journey: Thomas More
Is there a situation you face in your administration where you may be challenged to laugh rather than worry? How can humor or a lighter approach to a situation sometimes make for an easier resolution?

Chapter 10: Forgiveness
Companion for the Journey: Mary MacKillop
Can you remember and share a time when forgiveness was the key to resolution of a situation with either a supervisor or a coworker?

Chapter 11: Embrace Death
Companion for the Journey: Rose Philippine Duchesne
Are there struggles in your ministry that you need to let go? How does the life of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne reflect dying to what you must let go?

Chapter 12: Hope
Companion for the Journey: Gregory the Great
Is there a current situation in your ministry where you could use a sense of hope, a well-needed infusion of what can be? Do you often feel torn between administrative duties and the more pastoral side of your ministry?




FFL Book Club 2013-2014

Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus by Sherry Weddell

Click FFL Book Club 2013 to access the study questions for this book.