Day by Day History

A great deal of history has been made in the Archdiocese of Dubuque since its founding in 1837. The Archives Office has attempted to put together a day by day accounting of both the significant and everyday events that have shaped our history.

Feb. 1, 1950: Death of Fr. Nicholas Lentz, founder of St. John’s ParishThe Witness
Feb. 1, 2004: Cornerstone blessed at John XXIII Church in Cedar Rapids.The Witness
Feb. 2, 1945: Death of Alfred Delp, German Jesuit; a significant figure in the Catholic resistance to Nazism, a Jesuit martyr.The Witness
Feb. 4, 1913: Birth of Rosa Parks, “prophet” of equality and justice.The Witness
Feb. 6, 1917: St. Joseph’s Hospital, New Hampton was officially opened, although some patients had been previously admitted.CHAD, p. 643
Feb. 7, 1936: Death of Father John V. Bacci, pastor of Sacred Heart, Oelwein.The Witness
Feb. 7: Feast of Pope Pius IX.The Witness
Feb. 8. 1942: Death of Fr. John J. Collins, pastor of St. Patrick’s, Dougherty.The Witness
Feb. 9, 2003: Archbishop Hanus announces important Hispanic Ministry Positions for the Archdiocese; an awareness of our need to welcome the strangerThe Witness
Feb. 10, 1939: Death of Pope Pius XI.The Witness
Feb. 10, 1867: Dedicatory sermon and blessing of St. Mary’s Church, DubuqueCentennial History of the Archdiocese of Dubuque (1937), pp. 39-41
Feb. 10, 1972: Death of Msgr. Maurice Sheehy, author, educator and first chaplain in the Navy’s history to attain the rank of Vice Admiral.The Witness
Feb. 10, 1850: First marriage at Holy Family Church New Melleray: Peter Tench and Mary Scallion performed by a Father Patrick, O.C.S.O. (The monks were administering to the parish)Centennial History of the Archdiocese of Dubuque (1937), pp. 57-59
Feb. 11, 1858: First appearance of Our Lady at Lourdes. Letter of Archbishop Byrne from Lourdes in 1962.The Witness
Feb. 11, 1964: Funeral of Father Albin Landolt, who had served the Balltown area for 21 years.The Witness
Feb. 12, 1972: Death of Father Thomas O’Toole, retired pastor of St. Mary’s, Corwith.The Witness
Feb. 13, 1918: St. Ludmila’s, Cedar Rapids. First mass celebrated in a chapel on the lower floor of the school building. Chapel served that purpose until a church was built in 1926.Centennial History of the Archdiocese of Dubuque (1937), p. 543
Feb. 14, 1940: The Witness sponsored a Cooking School.The Witness
Feb. 14, 1982: Archbishop James J. Byrne began a campaign, asking people to say the “Hail Holy Queen” before watching the evening news, in an effort to help our country.The Witness
Feb. 14, 1926: Dedication of the new St. Joseph’s Church in Key West.Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, 2/15/1926
Feb. 15, 2002: Vatican announced it will open ahead of schedule part of its 20th-century archives including documents on Vatican-German relations and Pope Pius XII’s efforts to help prisoners during WWII.The Witness
Ash Wednesday 1947: Father William Menster tells in his homily about the symbolism of the crosses that he saw in the skies over the Antarctic Circle.The Witness
Feb. 17, 1916: New brick church at Cresco, St Joseph’s, was dedicated by Archbishop Keane. “A church without debt.”Centennial History of the Archdiocese of Dubuque (1937), p. 394
Feb. 17, 1941: Father Albert Hoffmann left Dubuque with the Dubuque Company of the Iowa National Guard; details of his service and the loss of a foot from a Nazi mine in Italy.The Witness
Feb. 18, 1951: Death of Father William Rowan, professor of English at Loras College and member of the editorial staff of THE WITNESS.The Witness
Feb. 19, 1858 – Bishop Loras dies
Feb. 19, 1953: Article by Msgr. S. D. Luby on the 95th anniversary of the death of Bishop Loras.The Witness
Bishop Loras praised in US Senate on 100th anniversary of his death, Feb. 19, 1958. Witness editorial of Feb. 13 on Bishop Loras reprinted into the Congressional Record.The Witness
Feb. 20, 1858: Father Clement Smyth, 3rd superior of New Melleray, succeeded Bishop Loras as Bishop of Dubuque.Centennial History of the Archdiocese of Dubuque (1937)., p. 585
Feb. 20, 1995: 200th birthday celebration of Rev. Terence J. Donaghoe, co-founder of the Sisters of Charity, B.V.M.The Witness
Feb. 22, 1922: Father F. W. Oberbroeckling celebrated the golden jubilee of his priesthood and his pastorate at Holy Trinity, Luxemburg.CHAD, p. 128
Feb. 23, 1984: Daniel Kucera installed as 10th Bishop and 7th Archbishop of DubuqueThe Witness
Science building at Catholic Univ. of America (Washington, D.C.) named in honor of Arch. John J. Keane, first rector of the University and second archbishop of Dubuque (1958)The Witness
Feb. 24, 1921; First issues of The Witness rolled off the press. Established by Archbishop James J. Keane, Msgr, Thomas Conry was the first editor.The Witness
Feb. 25, 1898: Contract signed for a new frame church for St. Mary’s in Spencer Grove. Its graceful steeple was a plaything for every storm that swept over the land.Centennial History of the Archdiocese of Dubuque (1937), p. 363
Feb. 26, 1962: Farewell homily of Archbishop Leo Binz, before leaving by train for his new assignment in St. PaulThe Witness
Feb. 27, 1973: 200 members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) began the occupation of Wounded Knee, S.D.The Witness
Feb. 28, 2013: The See of Rome and the See of St. Peter are vacant due to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, 265th Pope.The Witness
Feb. 29, 1952: Father Laurence Craney died. At the time he was business manager of Loras College.The Witness