Day by Day History


A great deal of history has been made in the Archdiocese of Dubuque since its founding in 1837. The Archives Office has attempted to put together a day by day accounting of both the significant and everyday events that have shaped our history.

Description/YearLocation of material
Oct. 1, 1877: St. Peter’s Church,New Haven completed.CHAD (1937): p. 285
Oct. 2, 1952 : Death of Peter O’Malley, St. Anthony, DBQ, pastor for 54 yearsThe Witness
Oct. 2, 2001: Father Michael C. Fitzgerald was killed in an auto accident.The Witness
Oct. 2, 1971: Pilgrim Virgin statue visited Dubuque under the sponsorship of the Rosary Society of Nativity Parish, the beginning of the devotion in the Archdiocese.The Witness
Oct. 2: Feast of the Guardian AngelsThe Witness
Oct. 3, 2004: Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center held a blessing of pets, in honor of St. Francis’s vision of harmony between humans, earth and its creatures.The Witness
Oct. 4, 1979: Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass at Living History Farms in Iowa; 350,000 pilgrims came to hear him.The Witness
Oct. 4: Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.The Witness
Oct. 5, 1999: Death of Father Lawrence J. Guter, Principal of Wahlert High School for 17years, among other priestly assignments.The Witness
Oct. 5, 1930: St. Patrick’s, Cedar Falls, celebrated its Diamond Jubilee.CHAD (1937), p. 148.
Oct. 6, 1832: Father Van Quickenborne poured the first waters of Christian Baptism in Iowa Territory.The Witness
Oct. 7, 1853: F. X. Weninger, S.J., missionary, was celebrating 25th ann. Of his ordination at St. Mary’s Guttenberg, when a large cross appeared in the sky, over the cross that had been raised outside of the churchCHAD (1937), pp. 44-45
Oct. 7, 2016: Remains of Chaplain Aloysius Schmitt, first U.S. Chaplain killed in WWII, returned to Dubuque.The Witness
Oct. 8, 1878: Terrific wind storm swept through Monticello and destroyed Sacred Heart Church.CHAD (1937): p. 131
Oct. 9, 1979: Death of Archbishop Leo BinzThe Witness
Oct. 10, 1894: St. Mary’s Church, New Hampton was dedicated. And in 1902 the rear wall was torn down to make an addition to the church.CHAD (1937): p. 405
Oct. 10, 1962: Centennial celebration of the founding of St. Francis Parish serving Barclay and Dunkerton.The Witness
Oct. 11, 1962: Opening of the Second Vatican Council.The Witness
October 1951: New windows being installed at Sacred Heart, Dubuque, show area history. Planned completion of the windows is June 1952.The Witness
Oct. 13, 1985: Sacred Heart in Grundy Center celebrates centennialThe Witness
Oct. 15: Feast of St. Teresa of Avila.The Witness
Oct. 16, 1930: Laying of the cornerstone for new Visitation Convent on the feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, an important feast of the Visitation Order.The Witness
Oct. 16, 1995: Pope John Paul II announced that he had accepted the resignation of Archbishop Kucera.The Witness
Oct. 17, 1948: Archbishop Francis J. Beckman diedThe Witness
Oct. 17. 2009: St. Pius X Parish, Cedar Rapids, began celebrating its 50th anniversary.The Witness
Oct. 17, 1956: Dedication of the new Jesup Church, St. Athanasius.The Witness
Oct. 18, 1855: The first Mass at St. Luke’s Church in St. Lucas was celebrated. October 18 is the feast of St. Luke, which is the reason for the name of the parish.The Witness
Oct. 19: Commemoration of Isaac Jogues and Companions, one of whom, St. Rene Goupil was the first martyr in North America.The Witness
Oct. 20, 1975: Father Ray Herman murdered in Bolivia.The Witness
Oct. 21, 1929: Laying of corner stone for new, larger Assumption Church in Cresco. The old church had been completely destroyed by fire on March 18, 1929.CHAD (1937), p. 137
Oct. 22, 1902: Immaculate Conception, Haverhill dedicated.CHAD (1937), p. 339
Feast of Saint Raphael, Patron of the Archdiocese of DubuqueThe Witness
Oct. 25, 1875: Birth of Archbishop Francis J. Beckman in Cincinnati, OhioDriscoll, We pray for our priests p. 6
Oct. 26, 1871: At invitation of Archbishop Hennessy, 6 Sisters of the Visitation of St. Louis came to Dubuque and opened an academy with an initial enrollment of 50.The Witness
Oct. 26, 1947: Dedication of Loras College Chapel of Christ the King. Cardinal Stritch blessed the chapel and delivered the sermon. Admiral Nimitz also present.The Witness
Oct. 27, 1994: A litury of welcome planned for Jerome Hanus, O.S.B., coadjutor archbishop of Dubuque.The Witness
Oct. 27, 2000: Sister Georgia Kilburg, O.S.F., celebrated her 100th birthday with a music program provided for the former music teacher extraordinaire…The Witness
Oct. 28, 2006: Catholic/Lutheran Ecumenical Day at Holy GhostThe Witness
Oct. 28, 1978: New St. Francis of Assisi Church, Balltown, dedicated. It was built atop the ruins of the old church destroyed by lightning in August 1976.The Witness
Oct. 29, 1978: St. Patrick’s, Dubuque, 100-Years-Old.The Witness
October 31, 1900: Birth of Archbishop Leo Binz in Stockton, ILDriscoll, We pray for our priests, p. 8
Oct. 31, 2013: Nano Nagle, foundress of the Presentation Sisters, declared Venerable.The Witness
October 31: Anniversary of the Reformation.The Witness