Articles on Small Groups

The Best, Most Dangerous, Thing That Can Happen to Your Parish by Jennifer Fitz: “A healthy parish, like the one I visited, makes the creation and on-going support of small-format parish gatherings a top priority.”


Small Groups that Attract Catholics by Chris Castaldo: “If I had a dime for every email message I receive from former Catholics in a month, I might be able to afford a Grande Americano at Starbucks. Very often they disclose their reason for leaving the Catholic Church in favor of evangelical Protestantism. Among these factors, a friendly Bible study group is at the top of the list.”


Small Community Ideas that Work: Invitation: by Renew International: “How many of us have ever needed help? How many of us see the same folks on every committee, every project, every team? Whether you are in need of small-community leaders, new members for your RENEW parish team, or any other ministry RENEW suggests four easy steps to get the results you want.”


Launching a Small Group Ministry, Facilitating Spirit-Filled Discussions and More! by Evangelical Catholic: “Find Facilitators, Plan Number of Groups, Find Hosts, Choose Good Materials, Provide Training, Advertise and Promote, etc.”


Tips for Starting a Group Bible Study: “One of the best ways to learn about scripture is to read it and discuss it with other people. Consider joining a Bible study program in your parish. If your parish doesn’t have a program, start a group Bible study yourself. Here are some suggestions for getting started.”


How to Lead a Bible Study Leader’s Guide by FOCUS: “Small-group Bible studies play a crucial role in the work of FOCUS. Knowing how to lead a Bible study is a valuable tool for winning people to Jesus Christ, building them up in their faith, and sending out to reach others. Learn the art of leading a Bible study through the articles below.”


Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics: Laying the Groundwork; Format for Small Groups: General Tips and Considerations for “How to Use this Study for Small Groups.”


Small Groups at Nativity Church of REBUILT: Model for Gathering and Leading Small Groups, including Resources:


Year-Long Series on the Power of Small Groups from the Archdiocesan Leaders Gram:

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Online Webinars on Facilitating Small Groups by Loyola Press:

1st 10 Tips:

2nd 10 Tips:


Video on how NOT to facilitate a small group: