Moving With Gifts-Based Shared Ministry!

 1. Stewardship as a Way of Life:

2.  From Volunteers to Shared Ministry: New Life through Shared Ministry by Judith A. Urban:

What is Shared-Ministry:

3.  Hold a Discernment Process in Your Parish:

Called and Gifted Workshop from the Catherine of Siena Institute:

Joyfully Gifted Day-Long Workshop and Small Group:

Spirit Alive! A Charism Experience, Anytime, Anywhere, led by Mary Kauffman, of Word of the Vine:

StrengthFinders, with a strengthfinders discernment:

Living Your Strengths– Catholic Edition, Discover Your God Given Talents and Inspire Your Community:

4.  Parish Ministry Survey: Online Ministry Sign-Up:

5.  Hold a Parish Ministry Fair: Planning a Ministry Faith:

6.  Faith Formation for Discerning God’s Call:

My Walk with God:

Check with the Educational Resource Center for Books and Studies: