Saturday, October 20, 2018
2:00 PM –7:30 PM
Blessed Maria Assunta Middle School, Waterloo, Iowa.

DJ Bill Lage is a multi-talented professional DJ who understands the many nuances of youth culture. Bill has the innate ability to take youth to a new level of genuine happiness. His magnetic spirit, deep faith, passion for life, dynamic stage presence and competent leadership combine to make him one of the most sought after and valuable personalities for a Catholic youth event in the country.

Registration Directions for Faith Formation Leaders:

  1. Distribute registration flyer (coming soon)
  2. Sign in to your Archdiocesan Google account.
  3. Open the Group Registration Form here:
  4. Enter your contact information and the number of youth and adults who will be attending from your parish on the form in your Google Account.
  5. You can log back in and change those numbers anytime between now and October 15.
  6. You are responsible to:
    1. Ensure all youth and adults complete the appropriate Off-Site Event Form (Permission Slip)
    2. Ensure there is a “Lead Chaperone” who will be on-site that day.
    3. Ensure there are at least 1 adult for every 8 youth in your group.
    4. Update your group numbers in the Google Form (above).
    5. collect payments from your parish/cluster’s participants and pay the Archdiocesan invoice after the event.
    6. Let the Office of Adolescent Faith Formation know if anyone is unwilling to let us use their image in photo or video promotion of future Archdiocesan events.
  7. We will send an invoice to your parish(es) after the event for $29 per youth and $10 per adult.

Registration Directions for Parents:

  1. Download the registration flyer (coming soon)
  2. Complete the form and return it to your Faith Formation Leader with payment ($29 program youth fee/$10 adult fee, plus any local costs for transportation, etc.)
  3. Complete the liability waiver with your parish leader.

Check in:  2 – 2:30 PM
Program Begins 2:30 PM
The day includes:

  • Supper
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Prayer
  • Games
  • Mass

Day Concludes at 7:30 PM