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NCYC Group Leaders should read the NCYC Group Leader Packet which is found here (updated November 1, 2017):

NCYC Group Leader Packet 2017






Group Leader Live Streaming Event – Update #4 – Friday, March 10, 2017

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Group Leader Live Streaming Event – Update #3 – February 17, 2017



Group Leader Live Streaming Event – Update #2 – Friday, January 13, 2017



Group Leader Live Streaming Event – Update #1 – Friday, December 9, 2016.



Log in to the  NCYC Group Leader Portal Here

  • You will need a Login and Password to access your group’s data
  • If you do not know your login/password, contact Kevin Feyen

Important Paperwork

Click one of the following links to access more resources.

Below are links to the forms that are required to participate in NCYC.

The Individual Registration Form is a tool for Group leaders to use to get essential information from their participants (youth and adults). This information will need to be entered into an online registration that is now available on the Group Leader Portal.  Group Leaders can begin registering participants online now.

2017 Individual Registration Form


The Archdiocese of Dubuque provides up to $15,000 in local financial assistance for those who attend NCYC with a significant hardship or from a low-income family. To apply for assistance, participants (or their parents) are to complete the NCYC Discount Application. If granted a discount, the funds will show up as a credit on your Group’s financial report, viewable from the Group Leader Portal.

NCYC Discount Application


The Archdiocese of Dubuque Medical Permission and Liability Waiver Form is required for all youth participants. This form is unique for each group since it includes parish/school names in the form. Please ensure that you only use the form that is appropriate for your group.

Emailed to Group Leaders Soon!


The Archdiocese of Dubuque Adult Waiver is required for all adult chaperones and chaperone assistants (those age 18-20 who are no longer in high school).

2017 NCYC Arch Adult liability waiver


The NFCYM provides a Youth Code of Conduct and an Adult Code of Conduct that all attendees are asked to abide by. These can be found here:

Youth Code of Conduct

Adult Code of Conduct


Group leaders will need to submit hotel rooming list requests  via the following NCYC Rooming List Form. Group leaders are encouraged to group their participants into four-person groups as much as possible. Teens participants will not be rooming with adult participants. Married couples can be placed in a two person room. Any questions or exemptions should be directed to the Office of Adolescent Faith Formation. You may need several copies of this form.

NCYC rooming list form 2017


Below is a link to a letter from Kevin Feyen, Director of Adolescent Faith Formation which should be shared with all families.

Parent Letter Spring 2017