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NCYC Update – Saturday, November 18, 2017 – 7:00 AM

Just a few updates and reminders this morning. Please know that you can see all previous updates at

  • “U There?” Don’t forget to wear your Archdiocesan green long-sleeve shirts today. It will be amazing to see all 1,830 of us at Mass tonight representing the #BiggestNCYCGroupEver.
  • Early Entry. Group Leaders, be sure to bring your orange “Saturday” bracelets for the Early Entry tonight. These were with your pizza/snack tickets you got from us Thursday afternoon. The plan is to have any early entry dioceses start lining up in the Convention Center by 5:45. They will likely let us start entering at 6:15. This plan may change. Look for an update text later this afternoon with more information.
  • Youth Leader who need prayers. If you are a youth ministry leader and feel that you need special prayers this morning, there is a reserved section on the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium for you. There are only 175 spots available at a first-come-first-pray-over basis. Head down before the start of the general session and claim your seat and prepare yourself for the Holy Spirit to knock the snot out of you.
  • Future updates will include… Bus boss kit distribution for Sunday, hotel check-our procedures, Sunday morning departure plan.


NCYC Update – Friday, November 17, 2017 – 5:00 PM

Just a few updates following our Diocesan Delegation meeting this afternoon. Please read these updates and the ones from earlier this morning (see below).

  • No Seating on the 200 Level. Tonight’s general session will be utilizing the 200 level of Lucas Oil for Reconciliations. Please find seats other than on the 200 level for tonight’s general session.
  • No Early Departures. Please be respectful of the General Session experience by staying until the General Session is over. Some groups have been leaving general sessions early in order to be the first to get to a workshop. Leaving early can disrupt the experience for others and is disrespectful for the people who are facilitating or have planned the experience. There is plenty of time to get to workshops after the General Session formally concludes.
  • No Human Chains. Some groups will try to stay together by walking with hands held. The idea of staying together is a good one, but using the “human chain” method is both dangerous to members of your group and could prevent other groups from staying together. Please refrain from using “Human Chains”.
  • No Seat Saving. Please do not save seats in Lucas Oil Stadium or for workshops for your whole group. It’s best for large groups to break into smaller groups to sit together.
  • Technical Courtesy. Please encourage your teens (and adults) to silence phones during general sessions, workshops, and any moments of prayer. And, if possible, phones should be put away unless being used at the direction of the presenter. Let’s encourage people to be in the moment. At the same time, lets be sure to share our experiences at appropriate times using social media.
  • You Have the Power! We have been reminded to be sure that all adults consistently enforce respectful and responsible behavior. If you see something that teens (or adults) shouldn’t be doing, whether they are from your group or not, please speak up. You have the power to make sure teens are making good decisions.


NCYC Update – Friday, November 17, 2017 – 7:00 AM

Thank you for a great first night at NCYC! We have much to celebrate. Don Bosco won another State Championship yesterday and then boarded a bus to join us at NCYC. They arrived last night at 11:30. So, now we’re all here. 

We are once again the #BiggestNCYCGroupEver! with approximately 1,830 people in our diocesan delegation. 

Many thanks to Abbie and Jeremy who are coordinating our social media presence. Please continue to encourage your teens to follow us at @1700strong.

A few things to pass on for tomorrow:

  • Hush in the halls. Please remind your teens that there are flight crews sharing our hotels. If even one pilot complains about noise in rooms near them, it is too many. While curfew is midnight, there should almost never be talking in hallways when we’re here. Generally speaking, everyone has been amazing.
  • Getting in and out. The NFCYM has asked us to inform you of a few foot traffic ideas. You should be able to enter the convention center tomorrow through the loading dock north of Lucas Oil. Also, please remember that all of the entrances will be open to get into Lucas Oil. If the north entrances are crowded tomorrow night, go around to the South entrances.
  • Go slow. Please encourage your teens to drink plenty of water tomorrow. After a long bus ride, we all tend to need more rest and healthy habits. If your group starts getting worn down, please slow down and take longer breaks to share about your experiences so far. Adoration and daily Mass are great ways to slow down the pace. For a list of prayer opportunities, look on the other side of your name badge in your credentials.
  • Pizza and Snacks. Just a reminder to bring pizza and snack tickets with your downtown. Be sure to bring the Friday Night tickets. Hand them out on the bus ride home so your group has easier access to their late night snack.

Again, thanks for all the work you are doing to help our young people encounter Christ and His Church. We are very proud of all the work you are all doing.







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Log in to the  NCYC Group Leader Portal Here

  • You will need a Login and Password to access your group’s data
  • If you do not know your login/password, contact Kevin Feyen

Important Paperwork

Click one of the following links to access more resources.


Here are a series of session plans to prepare your youth and adult participants for “Discernment” prior to NCYC

NCYC Preparation Plans


Here is the Participant Journal that has been created for you. You can print these off yourself if you’d like. Or, you can have the Archdiocese print them for you for $3.00 each. That will include full-color printing and shipping.

NCYC 2017 Participant Journal


Below are links to the forms that are required to participate in NCYC.

The Individual Registration Form is a tool for Group leaders to use to get essential information from their participants (youth and adults). This information will need to be entered into an online registration that is now available on the Group Leader Portal.  Group Leaders can begin registering participants online now.

2017 Individual Registration Form


The Archdiocese of Dubuque provides up to $15,000 in local financial assistance for those who attend NCYC with a significant hardship or from a low-income family. To apply for assistance, participants (or their parents) are to complete the NCYC Discount Application. If granted a discount, the funds will show up as a credit on your Group’s financial report, viewable from the Group Leader Portal.

NCYC Discount Application


Required Forms

Here is a list of the forms that are required to be sent to the Adolescent Faith Formation Office:

  • Archdiocesan Youth Liability Waiver (unique to your site)
  • Archdiocesan Adult Liability Waiver
  • NFCYM Youth Release Form
  • NFCYM Adult Release form
  • Hotel Rooming List


Just announced: The NFCYM is asking for forms from youth and adults for NCYC.

We apologize for posting these so late in the process. Please be sure to have these completed and sent to the Office of Adolescent Faith Formation by September 1, 2017.

NFCYM Youth Release Form

NFCYM Youth Release Form Spanish

NFCYM Adult Release Form

NFCYM Adult Release Form Spanish


The Archdiocese of Dubuque Medical Permission and Liability Waiver Form is required for all youth participants. This form is unique for each group since it includes parish/school names in the form. Please ensure that you only use the form that is appropriate for your group.

Emailed to Group Leaders!


The Archdiocese of Dubuque Adult Waiver is required for all adult chaperones and chaperone assistants (those age 18-20 who are no longer in high school).

2017 NCYC Arch Adult liability waiver


The NFCYM provides a Youth Code of Conduct and an Adult Code of Conduct that all attendees are asked to abide by. These can be found here:

Youth Code of Conduct

Adult Code of Conduct


Group leaders will need to submit hotel rooming list requests  via the following NCYC Rooming List Form. Group leaders are encouraged to group their participants into four-person groups as much as possible. Teens participants will not be rooming with adult participants. Married couples can be placed in a two person room. Any questions or exemptions should be directed to the Office of Adolescent Faith Formation. You may need several copies of this form.

NCYC rooming list form 2017


Below is a link to a letter from Kevin Feyen, Director of Adolescent Faith Formation which should be shared with all families.

Parent Letter Spring 2017

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