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Adolescent Faith FormationThe Office of Adolescent Faith Formation provides programs that relate to adolescent faith formation and assists faith formation leaders through a variety of media and methods to share the “Good News.” It relates directly with faith formation leaders who deal with youth outreach and adolescent ministries including schools of religion, Confirmation programs, and campus ministries for grades 9-12.
Adult Faith FormationThe Adult Faith Formation Office assists parishes with adult faith formation and training lay leadership through the IMPACT program. It provides resources and inservices including Scripture Study, small faith sharing groups, CEW, returning Catholics, retreats, and parish missions.
Archdiocesan Council of Catholic WomenThe Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) supports, empowers and educates Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. ACCW programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.
ArchivesThe Archives is the repository for all available records pertaining to the Archdiocese of Dubuque. The collections include documents and letters which belonged to former bishops, beginning with Bishop Loras (1839-1858). The Archives’ collections are open for scholarly research.
Catechetical ServicesThe Office of Catechetical Services assists parishes/clusters with the Church’s mission of passing on and deepening the Catholic faith of all, ranging from the young to the elderly and marginalized. The tasks of catechesis (knowledge, liturgical education, moral formation, prayer, community and missionary dimension) are the foundation for the work of Catechetical Services. It provides direct services to faith formation leaders and faith formation commissions in planning and administrative areas.
Catholic CharitiesCatholic Charities is the social service organization of the Archdiocese that provides help and creates hope for the most poor and vulnerable. Catholic Charities' mission is to reduce poverty, strengthen families and empower communities in the 30 most northeast counties of Iowa. Services include: Mental Health Counseling (accepts insurance and offers a sliding fee schedule), Immigration Legal Services (provides free consultations), Affordable Housing, and Jail and Prison ministry. Catholic Charities also serves as the liaison for Catholic Relief Services and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Offices are located in Ames, Cedar Rapids, Decorah, Dubuque, Mason City, and Waterloo.
Catholic FoundationThe Catholic Foundation is responsible for all funds currently invested there and those to be invested in the future to benefit from sound financial management and protection.
Catholic SchoolsThe Office of Catholic Schools supports the work of the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese to ensure excellence in all areas including: Catholic identity, curriculum, personnel, planning, evaluation, policies, and compliance for state accreditation in each school/system. It serves as the liaison with the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Catholic Conference, and federal programs. It relates directly with Catholic school administrators, Catholic school boards, and staff.
Catholic ScoutingThe committee’s mission is to utilize and ensure the constructive use of the program of the Boy Scouts of America as a viable form of youth ministry with Catholic youth of the Archdiocese.
ChancellorThe Chancellor supervises preparation of official reports; maintains the Archdiocesan Handbook, constitutions and other official publications; and oversees the work of the Archives.
Claims/Risk Manager - Archdiocesan Self-Funded Insurance ProgramThe Office of the Self - Funded Insurance Program responds to losses that occur within the Archdiocese and provides risk management and safety services
to Archdiocesan institutions. Responsibilities
include processing claims, damage estimates, and recommendations for payments and settlements. Annual risk management inspections are completed at Archdiocesan locations.
CommunicationsThe Office of Communications provides a comprehensive list of services to assist Pastoral Center offices with marketing, technology and communications.
Continuing Formation of PriestsThe Office for Continuing Formation of Priests is responsible for advanced study, sabbaticals, continuing education and workshops for ordained priests. The office also coordinates the annual priests’ convocation.
Director of the Pastoral CenterThe Director, under the authority of the Archbishop, works with the Moderator of the Curia to coordinate the activity and work of the Pastoral Center in Dubuque.
Education Resource CenterThe Education Resource Center serves the Archdiocese and other groups through consultation on media resources, circulation of both print and non-print media resources, selection of catechetical media, assistance and inservicing to parishes, schools, individuals, publishers, and other dioceses in media literacy, copyright, media center management, selection of media, and media education.
FinanceThe Finance Office serves as liaison between the Archdiocese and parishes and organizations for all fiscal matters, including annual financial reporting, property and liability insurance, construction and renovation projects, Catholic cemeteries, Deposit and Loan, and Central Endowment.
Health Care EthicsThe consultant works with the Archdiocesan Medical-Moral Commission in applying Catholic moral teaching on issues in health care. The consultant also provides consulting services for health care professionals and parish staff and educational programming on health care ethics for health care professionals, priests, deacons, pastoral associates, lay leaders, and parishes.
Human ResourcesThe Human Resources Office responds to employee and employer concerns in Church related institutions in the areas of background checks, benefits administration, compensation, employee relations, employee education and training, performance management, recruiting, and retention.
Leadership Development & Pastoral PlanningThe Office for Leadership Development and Pastoral Planning collaborates with the Archbishop and collegial bodies to promote development opportunities for current and potential leaders in the Archdiocese. It provides training, support, and resource materials for pastoral councils and staff members. It supports long range planning for the Archdiocese and provides staff support for the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council.
Marriage and Family LifeThe Marriage and Family Life Office serves as a resource to parishes in the area of ministry to families. Training is available to parishes, clusters, and deaneries wishing to form ministry for marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, parenting, separated/divorced and the bereaved. Inservices and presentations are available supporting various aspects of family life. Support and contacts for Natural Family Planning services are available.
Metropolitan TribunalThe Metropolitan Tribunal is staffed by persons qualified in canon (Church) law who work with issues involving the application of church law. Their primary work is to study marriages for which a petition for a decree of invalidity is being sought.
MissionsThe Mission Office provides pastoral and monetary support for the Propagation of the Faith and the Holy Childhood Association. Assistance is given to our archdiocesan missionaries, as well as to missionaries throughout the country and the world. Mission education is given to children via the activities of the Holy Childhood Association.
Peace and JusticeThe Father Ray Herman Peace and Justice House Residents at Loras College strive to live in a way that promotes justice and encourage others on campus to be aware and active about bringing change to the injustices taking place in today’s world.
Persons with DisabilitiesThe Office for Persons with Disabilities coordinates retreats and renewal days for adults with disabilities, consultation and resources for parents/families and faith formation leaders, disability inservices, and advocacy for inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Church.
Permanent DiaconateThe Permanent Diaconate Office provides education and formation on the role of the Permanent Deacon. It coordinates the recruitment and selection of candidates, provides the formation program leading to ordination, and facilitates the continuing education for deacons and their families.
Protection of ChildrenThe Office for Protection of Children supports the safety and protection of children and those who work with them in all Archdiocesan programs and activities. It oversees the compliance of the Archdiocese with all requirements of the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children including a required curriculum for youth, information for all parents/guardians, and training and background checks of those working or volunteering in the Archdiocese. It responds to all allegations of sexual misconduct and provides assistance to the Archdiocesan Review Board in its duties.
Respect Life and Social JusticeThe Respect Life and Social Justice office proclaims the dignity of human life - created in the Image of God - as the basis for the fundamental human right to life.
It seeks to protect and promote human life and dignity through prayer, formation, advocacy and the application of Catholic Social Teaching to concrete situations.
School Tuition OrganizationThe Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future School Tuition Organization (STO), is responsible for the collection and distribution of funds from the STO to families that qualify for assistance to send their children to a Catholic school.
Stewardship Development The Stewardship Development Office assists parishes, Catholic Schools, cemetery boards and individuals who want to create a comprehensive stewardship development plan in support of any and all areas of its mission. It works with local leaders and leadership groups to assist all in understanding and embracing the life of being a good steward of God's gifts. This is accomplished by helping people to identify his/her gifts, creating avenues to share gifts which ultimately helps those most in need. Thus, a STEWARDSHIP WAY OF LIFE.
Vicar for Hispanic MinistryThe Vicar for Hispanic Ministry promotes a welcoming and empowering spirit of community, a celebration
of religious and cultural heritage, and support for integration into parish life. He supports the planning and coordination of pastoral and faith formation services to Hispanics living in the Archdiocese.
Vicar GeneralThe Vicar General / Moderator of the Curia is the official spokesperson for the Archbishop, acting in place of the Archbishop when he is impeded, absent from the Archdiocese, or has specifically delegated authority to act, also serving as a member of all legal Archdiocesan corporations along with the Archbishop. The office also oversees the collection of parish annual status reports and publication of the Archdiocesan Directory. As Moderator of the Curia he works with the Director of the Pastoral Center in coordinating Pastoral Center activity.
VocationsThe Director of Vocations works with various groups, educational programs, and organizations of the Church to create an environment supportive of those called to serve as priests, sisters, and brothers. Emphasis is on discernment for these vocational choices. In conjunction with the Archdiocesan Seminary Admissions and Advisory Board, he is responsible for the application and screening process of seminarians. Upon acceptance, the director supports and advises seminarians, monitors their evaluations, supervises diocesan pastoral experiences and placements, and makes recommendations for Holy Orders.
WitnessThe Witness Publishing Co. is responsible for the production of the Archdiocesan newspaper. It features local news and national and international news from Catholic News Service in Washington, D.C.
WorshipThe Office for Worship assists parish liturgy committees, parishes and institutions of the Archdiocese in formation of liturgical ministries through liturgical education, a resource library, and the Liturgy Bulletin. It responds to liturgical issues, plans Archdiocesan liturgies, and provides guidance for renovation and construction of churches and sacred space. It also supports the RCIA in parishes and institutions of the Archdiocese.