In accord with the teaching of the Catholic Church on human sexuality in marriage and family life as it relates to conjugal love and responsible parenthood, we promote the natural means of reproduction, a greater awareness and use of NFP: methods of achieving or avoiding pregnancy based on the naturally-occurring signs of fertility and infertility other than the use of artificial means of contraception.

Natural Family Planning (NFP) refers to the practice of achieving or avoiding pregnancy according to an informed awareness of a woman’s fertility. Knowledge of the alternating fertile times for the woman allows married couples to plan their families without resorting to artificial means.

Top Ten Reasons to Practice NFP

  It is green, organic, natural – No added hormones for the woman’s body or for the environment.    It is comparatively inexpensive – One-time cost vs continual costs.   It strengthens a couple’s relationship – Those using NFP are

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Natural Family Planning Teachers in Archdiocese of Dubuque: Method: Creighton FertilityCare System Natural Family Planning (mucus observation, diagnostic with couples who struggle with infertility, problems achieving pregnancy as well as family planning method) Instructors for this method: Jamie

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The Archdiocese of Dubuque has created posters and brochures for the “Top Ten Reasons to Practice NFP.” Archdiocesan parishes, schools, marriage preparation personnel and NFP instructors may learn how to purchase these materials by contacting the Archdiocesan Office of Family

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