Deceased Priests

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Last Name, First Name, Last Assignment or LocationDeath DateDeath Year
Ahern, Rev. Joseph J., Holy Name, West Union30-Sep1943
Albers, Rev. Msgr. John B., Saint Mary, Cascade28-Dec1942
Ambrosy, Rev. Michael L., Sacred Heart, Oelwein11-Jan1930
Ament, Rev. Msgr. Ernest P., retired, Saint Joseph, Garnavillo25-Jun1999
Ament, Rev. Robert J., retired, Our Lady of Lourdes, Lourdes & Saint Stephen, Chester18-Feb2010
Arquitt, Rev. William A., retired, Sacred Heart, Manly9-Mar2000
Auer, Rev. Robert F., retired, Chaplain, United States Air Force23-May2011
Axen, Rev. Ronald J., retired, Sacred Heart, Fillmore22-Feb2003
Bacci, Rev. John V., Sacred Heart, Oelwein7-Feb1936
Badura, Rev. Joseph J., retired, Saint Mary, Vining & Holy Trinity, Otter Creek Township10-Apr1980
Bahning, Rev. Frederick C., retired, Saint Clement, Bankston8-Jan2002
Ballon, Rev. Thomas, retired, Holy Cross, Schley13-Jun1945
Banfield, Rev. William A., retired, Saint Clement, Bankston12-Feb1963
Barnes, Rev. John G., retired, St. Mary, Urbana and Sacred Heart, Walker1-Jan2015
Barragy, Rev. William J., Chaplain, U.S. Army, Vietnam4-May1966
Barrett, Rev. Msgr. Norbert C., retired, Cathedral of Saint Raphael, Dubuque18-May1983
Barry, Rev. Msgr. Michael, V.G., retired, Saint Columbkille, Dubuque4-Apr1934
Barry, Rev. Thomas A., Saint Thomas Aquinas, Webster City30-Aug1932
Baumann, Rev. John S., retired, Chaplain, Mount Saint Francis, Dubuque7-Aug1929
Baumgartner, Rev. John B., Saint Mary, Cascade27-Mar1860
Baxter, Rev. William J., retired, Saint John, Coggon16-Nov1957
Becker, Rev. Elmer F., retired, Saint Clement, Bankston14-Nov1973
Becker, Rev. Msgr. Edmund J., retired, All Saints, Cedar Rapids23-Nov1996
Beckman, Most Rev. Francis J.L., 6th Bishop & 4th Archbishop of Dubuque17-Oct1948
Beelner, Rev. Matthew F., retired, Saint Stephen, Central City4-Aug1989
Behan, Rev. Patrick J., Saint Patrick, Watkins30-Apr1954
Benda, Rev. Frank M., retired, Saint Joseph, Earlville & Saint Joseph, Greeley5-May2003
Benda, Rev. John, Chaplain, U.S. Air Force, Okinawa22-Jul1970
Bendlage, Rev. Edward J., SS. Peter & Paul, Gilbert23-Dec1933
Bennett, Rev. Andrew, Saint Clement, Bankston16-Dec1864
Beston, Rt. Rev. Albert, O.C.S.O., 4th Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta5-Sep1946
Bierie, Rev. Elwyn L., retired, U.S. Army Chaplain25-Apr1998
Bies, Rev. Msgr. Nicholas J., V.F., Pastor Emeritus, Saint Joseph, Bellevue20-Sep1939
Binz, Most Rev. Leo, 8th Bishop & 6th Archbishop of Dubuque9-Oct1979
Bisenius, Rev. Thomas R., Saint Patrick, Garryowen22-May2005
Biskup, Most Rev. George J., Archbishop of Indianapolis17-Oct1979
Blessington, Rev. Msgr. William H., retired, Saint Mary, Strawberry Point25-Feb2002
Blocklinger, Rev. James L., retired, Chaplain, Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids24-Jan2014
Boeding, Rev. Francis X., Saint Luke, St. Lucas9-Oct1928
Bodensteiner, Rev. Peter C.,
Retired, Lawler, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Boeding, Rev. Msgr. Arnold, Pastor Emeritus, Sacred Heart, Dubuque16-Aug1944
Bohr, Rev. Jerome H., Saint Francis, Barclay2-Aug1949
Bohr, Rev. Joseph W., retired, Immaculate Conception, Riceville4-May1983
Bohr, Rev. Richard A., Saint Patrick, Monona5-Aug1983
Bohrer, Rev. Raymond S., retired, Mason City Team Ministry24-Jun1981
Bomholt, Rev. Augustine, retired, Saint Joseph, Independence16-Apr1957
Bourke, Rev. Laurence, retired, Immaculate Conception, Castle Grove21-Dec1939
Bowen, Rev. John F., Saint Patrick, Delmar6-Feb1914
Bowen, Rev. John R., Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Dubuque28-Apr1940
Boyd, Rev. Ivan G., retired, Saint Joseph, Prairieburg7-Aug1977
Boyle, Rev. Patrick J., retired, Saint Mary, Greene28-Jan1966
Boylson, Rev. Thomas, Immaculate Conception, Wexford2-Oct1891
Bradshaw, Rev. Francis G., retired, Saint Bridget, Bluffton15-Nov1980
Brady, Rev. James, retired, Chaplain, Saint Joseph Hospital, Sioux City12-Apr1904
Brady, Rev. Msgr. Duane A., Saint Joseph, Waterloo22-Jan1987
Brady, Rev. Msgr. Terence G., V.G., Cathedral of Saint Raphael, Dubuque5-Mar1923
Braun, Rev. Roland E., Saint Agnes, Plymouth Rock27-Dec1966
Bray, Rev. John D., S.S., died in Thomasville, Georgia21-Feb1894
Brazill, Very Rev. John F., Saint Mary, Des Moines25-Aug1885
Breen, Rev. Msgr. Arthur J., retired, Holy Family, Mason City11-Dec1973
Breitbach, Rev. John J. L., retired, Saint John the Baptist, Peosta3-Jan1989
Breitbach, Rev. John J., Loras College, Dubuque19-Nov1938
Breitbach, Rev. John J.A., retired, Saint Ansgar, St. Ansgar26-Nov1985
Brennan, Rev. Denis, Immaculate Conception, Castle Grove26-Jul1889
Brennan, Rev. Thomas D., Saint Bridget, Postville4-Apr1883
Brickley, Rev. John J., retired, Saint Patrick, Britt30-Oct1998
Brinkmann, Rev. Joseph H., Saint Mary, Guttenberg11-Oct1925
Brogan, Rev. John, Mercy Hospital, Marshalltown21-Jan1910
Brommenschenkel, Rev. Peter, Saint Boniface, Westphalia23-Jan1925
Brosius, Rev. Alfred G., retired, Saint John, Delhi26-Feb2000
Broz, Rev. John P., Saint Wenceslaus, Spillville29-Jun1946
Bruggeman, Rev. Donald R., retired, pastor, St. Francis, Barclay and St. Athanasius, Jesup25-Jun2018
Burke, Rev. Clement J., retired, Saint Wenceslaus, Spillville8-Jan2013
Burns, Rev. Laurence H., retired, Sacred Heart, Rockwell29-Apr1924
Buzynski, Rev. John J., retired, Saint Patrick, Clear Lake25-Oct1974
Byrne, Most Rev. James J., S.T.D., Archbishop Emeritus, 9th Bishop & 7th Archbishop of Dubuque2-Aug1996
Byrne, Rev. John L., Immaculate Conception, Van Horne4-Jul1950
Byrne, Rev. Richard A., Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Lawler5-Sep1885
Campbell, Rev. Joseph M., retired, Saint Lawrence, Otter Creek28-Aug1946
Campbell, Rev. Thomas, Saint Mary, Hanover7-Mar1915
Cannon, Rev. Bernard C., Saint Mary, Ackley23-Dec1893
Carew, Rev. Lewis, O.C.S.O., Superior, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta2-Jun1927
Carey, Rev. Michael H., V.F., Saint Joseph, New Hampton7-Jan1925
Carman, Rev. Albert L., Immaculate Conception, Clutier & Saint Wenceslaus, Carroll Township19-Apr1980
Carolan, Rev. Michael, V.F., Saint Joseph, Mason City30-Dec1917
Carpender, Rev. Thomas J., Sacred Heart, Meyer, & Saint Mel, McIntire15-Jan2011
Carroll, Most Rev. John P., Bishop of Helena, Montana4-Nov1925
Carroll, Rev. Charles M., Saint Mary, Manchester12-Mar1897
Carroll, Rev. Patrick J., Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids7-May1926
Casey, Most Rev. James V., Archbishop of Denver14-Mar1986
Casey, Rev. John, Saint Joseph, New Hampton14-Dec1899
Casey, Rev. Msgr. J. Valentine, P.A., Cathedral of Saint Raphael, Dubuque29-Apr1963
Cassidy, Rev. Francis P., retired, Saint Mary, Corwith19-Jun1996
Cassidy, Rev. James K., retired, Saint John, Placid23-Jul1972
Chambers, Rev. Robert E., Holy Name, Shell Rock & Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Waverly7-Jul1961
Chapman, Rev. James C., Wahlert High School, Dubuque12-Mar1964
Charipar, Rev. Henry W., retired, Notre Dame, Cresco & Saint Bridget, Bluffton14-Oct2011
Chihak, Rev. Msgr. Anthony W., Saint Wenceslaus, Cedar Rapids12-Apr1968
Chihak, Rev. Msgr. John P., retired, Saint Wenceslaus, Duncan20-Sep2006
Chmelar, Rev. Francis, Saint Wenceslaus, Spillville3-Jan1898
Churchill, Rev. Francis J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Van Horne20-Nov1979
Churchill, Rev. Urban M., retired, Saint Joseph, Farley4-Sep1976
Cigrand, Rev. Nicholas M., Immaculate Conception, Lansing20-Jan1976
Cizek, Rev. Msgr. Robert W., retired, Saint Mary, Greene27-Apr1996
Clabby, Rev. Patrick J., Saint Lawrence, Otter Creek30-Apr1900
Clark, Rev. George W., Saint Joseph, Rickardsville4-Sep1922
Clark, Rev. Msgr. Arthur M., Loras College, Dubuque & Chaplain, Mt. Carmel, Dubuque8-Dec1918
Clark, Rev. William E., retired, Sacred Heart, Walker & Saint Mary, Urbana18-Jul1991
Clune, Rev. John J., Saint John, Coggon10-Feb1941
Coffey, Rev. Msgr. Patrick J., Saint Patrick, Dubuque20-Jul1942
Collins, Rev. John J., Saint Patrick, Dougherty8-Feb1942
Collins, Rev. Msgr. Bernard G., retired, Sacred Heart, LaPorte City16-Oct2003
Collins, Rev. Msgr. William B., retired, Chaplain, Sacred Heart Convent, Cedar Rapids2-Feb1980
Collins, Rev. Thomas R., Saint Mary, Waverly28-Sep1947
Condon, Rev. Gerald A.15-June2019
Connell, Rev. John P., retired, Immaculate Conception, Riceville29-Jul1970
Connolly, Rev. Msgr. Leon L., retired, Vicar for Hispanic Ministry27-Sep2011
Connolly, Rev. Peter J., Chaplain, Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital, Waverly11-Feb1931
Conroy, Rev. Thomas J., retired, Sacred Heart, Osage5-Jan1967
Conry, Rev. Msgr. Thomas, retired, President, Loras College, Dubuque29-Jun1947
Convery, Rev. Msgr. William J., V.F., Immaculate Conception, Charles City19-Aug1937
Cooney, Rev. Mark, Saint Joseph, Waterloo27-Oct1909
Cooney, Rev. Msgr. Edmund J., retired, Saint John, Delhi1-Sep1983
Cooney, Rev. Robert, retired, Saint Joseph, Marion12-May1996
Corbett, Rev. James F., Saint Patrick, Monona13-Aug1889
Cosgrove, Most Rev. Henry, Bishop of Davenport22-Dec1906
Costelloe, Rev. John J., Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Cresco17-Aug1960
Coyle, Rev. Bernard W., Saint Patrick, Cedar Falls25-Oct1901
Coyne, Rev. Daniel B., retired, Loras College, Dubuque20-Apr1959
Craney, Rev. James B., Loras College, Dubuque21-Aug1942
Craney, Rev. Laurence P., Loras College, Dubuque29-Feb1952
Craney, Rev. Laurence P., Sacred Heart, Maquoketa7-Oct1929
Cregan, Rev. Dennis P., Saint Patrick, Ryan24-Feb1939
Creighton, Rev. Andrew J., Loras College, Dubuque4-Jan1980
Cremer, Rev. Msgr. William J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Gilbertville27-Jul1969
Cretin, Most Rev. Joseph, 1st Bishop of Saint Paul, Minnesota22-Feb1857
Cross, Rev. Vern F., retired, Holy Name, Rockford25-Sep1999
Crowley, Rev. Walter F., retired, Loras College, Dubuque20-Apr1979
Cunningham, Rev. James V., Saint Peter, Temple Hill2-Jun1863
Curran, Rev. Michael M., Saint Joseph, Wadena31-May1906
Currier, Rev. Thomas F., retired, Saint Francis, Belmond10-May2005
Daly, Rev. John R., Chaplain, Mount Carmel, Dubuque7-Apr1899
Daly, Rev. Michael R., Saint Patrick, Estherville6-Dec1900
Dalton, Rev Msgr. John, Cathedral of St. Raphael, Dubuque7-Jan2019
Daly, Rt. Rev. Vincent, O.C.S.O., Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta16-Mar1954
Davies, Rev. Robert F., Saint Mark, Edgewood & Saint Patrick, Colesburg3-Feb2008
Davis, Most Rev. James, Bishop of Davenport2-Dec1926
Delay, Rev. James F., retired, Saint Patrick, Clear Lake28-Jan1982
Demuth, Rev. John P., Saint Patrick, Buffalo Center & Sacred Heart, Woden6-Feb1934
Denvir, Rev. Bernard J., retired, Saint Mary, Dorchester25-Jul1938
Derga, Rev. Leo E., Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Oelwein16-May1963
Devine, Rev. William P., retired, Saint Joseph, Stone City31-May2012
Dietz, Rev. Herman J., retired, Saint Joseph, Earlville27-Jan1994
Dolan, Rev. Gerald C., Archdiocesan Office of the Archives10-Jan2007
Dolter, Rev. Robert J., Loras College, Dubuque24-Feb1974
Donaghoe, Rev. Terence J., V.G., Chaplain, Saint Joseph Convent on the Prairie5-Jan1869
Donelan, Rev. James B., Saint Paul, Burlington29-Jan1871
Donlon, Rev. Luke, retired, Saint Patrick, Monona13-Jan1960
Donnelly, Rev. Msgr. P. Edward, retired, Saint Joseph, Farley28-Jan1960
Donohue, Rev. James J., retired, Loras College, Dubuque24-Jun1982
Donohue, Rev. Msgr. William T., V.F., Saint John, Independence17-Jul1939
Dostal, Rev. Joseph, Saint Joseph, Chelsea7-Jul1903
Dostal, Rev. Wenceslaus A., Saint John Nepomucene, Fort Atkinson3-Jun1944
Dougherty, Rev. Msgr. Edward J., Sacred Heart, Waterloo2-Mar1951
Dowling, Rev. Thomas, V.F., Saint Joseph, New Hampton17-Apr1942
Downey, Rev. William, retired, Loras College, Dubuque29-Mar1909
Downing, Rev. J. Kenneth, Loras College, Dubuque8-Nov1982
Dragoun, Rev. Charles L., Saint John Nepomucene, Fort Atkinson25-Mar1930
Dress, Rev. J. Alphonse, Loras College, Dubuque8-Nov1941
Drexler, Rev. Joseph, Pastor Emeritus, Saint Michael, Norway1-May1941
Driscoll, Most Rev. Justin A., Bishop of Fargo, North Dakota19-Nov1984
Drumm, Most Rev. Thomas W., Bishop of Des Moines24-Oct1933
Drummy, Rev. Clair C., retired, Sacred Heart, LaPorte City3-Nov1965
Drummy, Rev. Clarence E., Saint Mary, Waucoma22-Jun1976
Duffy, Rev. Raymond F., retired, Saint Mary, Lycurgus18-Apr1980
Duggan, Rev. Msgr. Raymond P., retired, Saint John, Delhi4-Oct1972
Dunkel, Rev. Henry J., Saint Joseph, Earlville12-Feb1940
Dunkel, Rev. Henry N., retired, Our Lady of Lourdes, Lourdes28-Oct1998
Dunlea, Rt. Rev. Alberic, O.C.S.O., 2nd Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta4-Feb1917
Dunn, Most Rev. Francis J., Auxiliary Bishop of Dubuque17-Nov1989
Dunn, Rev. Msgr. Joseph E., retired, Saint Peter, Clermont13-May1990
Dunn, Rev. William W., Saint Irenaeus, Lyons30-Jun1889
Dupont, Rev. Joseph A., retired, Saint John, Andrew9-Jun1952
Duster, Rev. James J., Saint John, Mt. Vernon; Saint Isidore, Springville8-Oct2001
Duval, Rev. Bernard S., retired, Director of Family Life Bureau3-Aug1984
Eardley, Rev. Michael F., Saint Patrick, Anamosa23-May1931
Early, Rev. Michael P., Associate Pastor, Sacred Heart, Rockwell23-Nov1918
Ede, Rev. Alfred J., Loras College, Dubuque15-May1979
Egan, Rev. John, retired, Saint Francis Xavier, Belmond26-Apr1901
Ehl, Rev. Gustave I., retired, Sacred Heart, Manly10-Jan1944
Einck, Rev. Gregory J., retired, Saint Columbkille, Dubuque21-Jan2002
Engler, Rev. Ernest J., retired, Saint Patrick, Fairfax, and Holy Trinity, Walford20 Feb2017
English, Rev. Lawrence J., Saint Joseph, Key West9-Sep1887
Entringer, Rev. Leo T., SS. Peter & Paul, Sherrill19-Nov1954
Enzler, Rev. Msgr. Leroy J., retired, Saint Mary, Cascade4-Apr1994
Erdland, Rev. Bernard A., Saint Joseph, Independence12-Mar1941
Ernsdorff, Rev. Louis E., Loras College, Dubuque10-Nov1980
Etteldorf, Most Rev. Raymond P., retired, Diplomatic Service of the Holy See15-Mar1986
Evans, Rev. Paul J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Sumner and Saint Bridget, St. Bridget7-Nov2006
Fagan, Rev. John P., retired, Saint John, Coggon24-May1985
Farrelly, Rev. Msgr. Michael J., retired, Saint Martin, Cascade11-Jul1957
Fendrich, Rev. John B., SS. Peter & Paul, Carroll15-Sep1887
Ferring, Rev. Clarence A., retired, Saint Stephen, Chester1-Mar1983
Ferring, Rev. Msgr. Robert L., P.A., retired, Vicar General29-Oct2006
Fischer, Rev. Msgr. John M., retired, Saint Edward, Waterloo5-Nov1971
Fitzgerald, Most Rev. Edward A., Bishop of Winona, Minnesota31-Mar1972
Fitzgerald, Rev. Michael C., Saint Joseph, Marion2-Oct2001
Fitzgerald, Rev. Thomas, Saint Mary, Ackley8-Jan1928
Fitzpatrick, Rev. James J., V.F., Saint Mary, Marshalltown16-Feb1923
Flammang, Rev. Michael J., Saint Donatus, St. Donatus6-Dec1883
Flavin, Rev. Maurice F., Saint Mary & Saint Anthony, Davenport5-May1872
Flood, Rev. Thomas L., Saint Patrick, Buffalo Center & Sacred Heart, Woden7-Dec1958
Flynn, Rev. Edward S., retired, Saint Michael, Belle Plaine28-Feb1974
Flynn, Rev. John A., Loras College, Dubuque23-Mar1931
Flynn, Rev. Louis T., retired, Saint Michael, Nashua21-Mar1972
Flynn, Rev. Patrick J., retired, Saint Joseph, State Center4-Jan1930
Fogarty, Rev. John R., Saint Columbkille, Dubuque20-Oct1910
Foley, Rev. Msgr. Dorance V., P.A., Loras College, Dubuque12-Oct1988
Foley, Rt. Rev. Ignatius, O.C.S.O., Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta6-May1912
Forkenbrock, Rev. Bernard H., Saint Mary, New Hampton30-Apr1938
Forkenbrock, Rev. Henry H., retired, Saint Mary, Waterloo9-Mar1926
Forster, Rev. Albert J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Haverhill26-Mar1990
Frana, Rev. Clarence L., retired, Saint Mary, Lamont1-Sep2002
Frein, Rev. Frederick J., Saint Thomas Aquinas, Webster City4-Apr1944
Frese, Rev. Everett J., retired, Sacred Heart, Grundy Center & Queen of Heaven, Reinbeck15-Aug1995
Friedl, Rev. Msgr. Francis P., retired, St. Columbkille, Dubuque18- Sept2017
Friedell, Rev. John C., retired, faculty, Loras College, Dubuque3-Nov2013
Friederick, Rev. John J., retired, Saint Mark, Edgewood & Saint Patrick, Colesburg2-Nov2008
Friedman, Rev. Clarence W., retired, Saint Patrick, Colesburg, and Director, Propagation of the Faith2-May1986
Friedman, Rev. Peter J., Saint Aloysius, Calmar19-Feb1955
FriedmanN, Rev. John H., SS. Peter & Paul, Petersburg17-Feb1932
Frommelt, Rev. Bertram W., SS. Peter & Paul, Springbrook19-Aug1970
Frost, Rev. Edward J., Chaplain, Mental Health Institute, Independence8-Dec1981
Gaffney, Rev. John B., Saint Mary, Centergrove & Saint Mary, Clinton County12-Dec1881
Gaffney, Rev. Joseph B., Assumption, Cresco4-Aug1880
Gajdusek, Rev. Joseph, Saint Wenceslaus, Spillville31-Oct1915
Gallagher, Rev. John R., retired, Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids6-May2006
Gannon, Rev. Msgr. Timothy J., Loras College, Dubuque26-Jan1991
Garahan, Rev. Peter F., Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Lawler1-Aug1904
Garland, Rev. Msgr. John J., V.F., Saint John the Evangelist, Independence15-Sep1914
Geary, Rev. Patrick G., retired, Blessed Sacrament, Waterloo23-May2015
Gerken, Rev. Leo M., Associate Pastor, Saint Mary, Cascade10-Jul1923
Gerleman, Rev. LaVerne H., Saint Mary, Hazleton11-Jul1984
Gerleman, Rev. Louis H., retired, Chaplain, Xavier Hospital, Dubuque14-Sep1988
Gerleman, Rev. Victor A., Saint Joseph, Raymond23-Apr1960
Gibbs, Rev. Aloysius D., retired, Chaplain, Saint Francis Hospital, Waterloo13-Jan1993
Gilchrist, Rev. James T., Saint Mary, Waverly16-Nov1896
Ginter, Rev. Harold N., retired, Sacred Heart, Fillmore17-Jul1974
Goedken, Rev. James J., Queen of Peace, Waterloo3-Jun2003
Goedken, Rev. Nestor B., retired, Immaculate Conception, Castle Grove and Saint Joseph, Prairieburg23-May2000
Goetzinger, Rev. Charles B., Saint Boniface, Ionia14-May1945
Goetzinger, Rev. William F., retired, Saint Francis, Barclay18-Oct1967
Goltz, Rev. William A., retired7-Jan2006
Goodman, Rev. J. Raphael, retired, Saint Patrick, Tama & Saint Boniface, Garwin15-Jul1970
Gookin, Rev. James P., retired, Chaplain, Mount Saint Agnes, Dubuque31-Aug1945
Gorecki, Rev. Francis X., retired, Saint Mary, Lamont13-May1961
Gorman, Most Rev. Daniel M., Bishop of Boise, Idaho10-Jun1927
Gorman, Rev. Msgr. Daniel A., retired, Saint Joseph, Elkader25-Jan1981
Gosker, Rev. John L., Saint Joseph, Fort Madison25-Dec1885
Grace, Rev. Paul J., Sacred Heart, Grundy Center8-May1986
Graff, Rev. Peter M., Our Lady of Seven Dolors, Festina8-Apr1976
Graham, Rev. John E., retired, Belle Plaine15-Feb2003
Green, Rev. Msgr. William D., Editor of The Witness & Saint Philomena, Asbury16-Nov1957
Greener, Rev. William P., Saint Peter, Sabula & Sacred Heart, Green Island3-Feb1981
Gregor, Rev. Msgr. Joseph, retired, Sacred Heart, Oxford Junction19-Dec1970
Gregory, Rev. John M., retired, Saint Patrick, Britt26-May1993
Griffin, Rev. Joseph F., retired, Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital, Mason City7-Jun1999
Grunewald, Rev. Louis J., retired, Saint Joseph, Earlville23-May1963
Guerdet, Rev. Joseph, Saint Joseph, Key West31-Mar1884
Gunn, Rev. Francis J., Immaculate Conception, Elma22-Jun1920
Gunn, Rev. Thomas F., Immaculate Conception, Cedar Rapids24-Jun1906
Guter, Rev. Lawrence J., retired, Saint Mary of Mt. Carmel, Eagle Center and Immaculate Conception, Blessing5-Oct1999
Hackett, Rev. John J., Saint Peter, Clermont6-Jun1891
Hackett, Rev. John, retired, Saint Mary, Strawberry Point5-Oct1881
Hagemann, Rev. Joseph H., SS. Peter & Paul, Petersburg30-Apr1948
Halbach, Rev. Msgr. A.A., retired, Saint John, Delhi15-Jul1999
Halpin, Rev. Msgr. John Q., Saint Columbkille, Dubuque15-Jun1943
Hamill, Rev. James P., Saint Patrick, Dougherty18-Apr1945
Hamilton, Rev. Philip A., retired, Holy Family, Hilton Head, SC28-Oct2005
Hanley, Rev. Msgr. John J., Saint Patrick, Dubuque11-May1937
Hannasch, Rev. Frederick, Holy Trinity, Luxemburg22-Feb1872
Hargrafen, Rev. John I., retired, Saint Patrick, Ryan28-Jul1995
Harrington, Rev. Steven M., Associate Pastor, Saint Edward, Waterloo10-Jun1991
Hartigan, Rev. John A., Saint Mark, Iowa Falls30-Dec1949
Hassett, Rev. John, Sacred Heart, Reilly Settlement20-Mar1906
Hattenberger, Rev. Alexander, Chaplain, Saint Joseph Convent on the Prairie16-Jan1892
Haubrich, Rev. John P., retired, Saint Joseph, Independence11-Jan1932
Hauck, Rev. George A., Holy Ghost, Dubuque25-Dec1938
Hawe, Rev. John, Saint John, Coggon17-Nov1927
Hawe, Rev. Richard, Saint Joseph, Stone City14-Jul1925
Haxmeier, Rev. Msgr. George L., Pastor Emeritus, Immaculate Conception, Lansing27-Oct1944
Hayes, Rev. Laurence, retired, Saint Joseph, New Albin15-Aug1955
Heber, Rev. William A., Loras College, Dubuque26-Jun1963
Heelan, Most Rev. Edmond, Bishop of Sioux City20-Sep1948
Heer, Rev. Msgr. George W., P.A., retired, Saint Mary, Dubuque18-Dec1929
Hehir, Rev. John J., Saint Patrick, Anamosa4-Oct1931
Hehir, Rev. John, Saint Joseph, Preston29-Aug1936
Heimbucher, Rev. Henry J., Annunciation, Lattnerville21-Sep1875
Heineman, Msgr Donald P
retired, Our Lady of Seven Dolores, Festina
Heineman, Rev. Joseph G., Immaculate Conception, Sumner & Saint Francis, Hawkeye5-Jan1994
Heles, Rev. John W., Saint Joseph, Mason City17-Jan1978
Heles, Rev. Msgr. Frederic G., retired, Saint Boniface, Ionia28-Jun2007
Hemann, Rev. Everett, retired, Saint Patrick, Cedar Falls24-Apr2012
Hemesath, Rev. Gregory F., retired, Immaculate Conception, Riceville1-Mar1985
Hemesath, Rev. Henry J., Saint Mary, Waterloo17-Nov1905
Hemesath, Rev. John W., retired, Holy Cross, Holy Cross20-Jun1993
Hennessy, Most Rev. John, 3rd Bishop & 1st Archbishop of Dubuque4-Mar1900
Hennessy, Rev. Msgr. John J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Castle Grove2-Dec1974
Henrichs, Rev. Henry A., retired, Saint Joseph, Preston26-Feb1979
Herard, Rev. Msgr. Joseph P., retired, Church of the Resurrection, Dubuque16-Mar2001
Herbers, Rev. John B., V.F., Saint Francis Xavier, Dyersville13-May1945
Herman, Rev. Raymond C., San Rafael, Cochabamba, Bolivia20-Oct1975
Hess, Rev. Richard J., retired, Sacred Heart, St. Anthony and Saint Gabriel, Zearing1-Sep2009
Hetherington, Rev. Alexander, retired, Immaculate Conception, Riceville18-May1946
Heuring, Rev. Msgr. Alvan P., Saint Michael, Belle Plaine8-Dec2010
Hilmer, Rev. Robert E., retired, Saint Mary, Waterloo14-Jul2006
Hintgen, Rev. Msgr. Victor J., Chaplain, Xavier Hospital, Dubuque10-Jul1984
Hirsch, Rev. Robert M., retired, Saint Aloysius, Calmar21-Mar2009
Hlubek, Rev. Valentine J., Saint Joseph, Chelsea21-Feb1966
Hoffmann, Rev. Albert J., retired, Saint Patrick, Watkins25-Apr1983
Hoffmann, Rev. Msgr. Mathias M., V.F., Saint Francis Xavier, Dyersville10-Jan1961
Hogan, Rev. John, Immaculate Conception, Van Horne30-Jun1931
Hogan, Rev. Martin, Saint Benedict, Decorah15-Oct1933
Hogan, Rev. Michael J., Saint Mary, Greene21-Jul1945
Hogan, Rev. Msgr. Robert G., Saint Patrick, Clear Lake16-Mar2006
Hogan, Rev. Patrick, Saint Bridget, Postville25-Nov1943
Holmberg, Rev. Loras J., Saint John, Delhi26-Jul1958
Holsters, Rev. Hubert P., retired, Saint Mark, Edgewood18-Apr1966
Holthaus, Rev. Henry A., retired, Immaculate Conception, North Washington7-Dec1956
Holub, Rev. William M., retired, Sacred Heart, Grundy Center10-Oct1956
Holzer, Rev. William N., retired, Holy Trinity, Baldwin & Sacred Heart, Oxford Junction23-Apr1998
Homan, Rev. Nicholas M., Saint Mary, Hazleton3-Feb1969
Hore, Rev. Thomas, retired, Immaculate Conception, Wexford14-Jun1864
Horsfield, Rev. John J., retired, Saint Mary, McGregor3-Jun1949
Houlahan, Rev. Msgr. Francis J., Saint Lawrence, Otter Creek9-Nov1987
Hovermann, Rev. Msgr. Vincent T., retired, Saint Patrick, Winthrop7-Nov1986
Howard, Most Rev. Edward D., Archbishop of Portland, Oregon2-Jan1983
Howell, Rev. Msgr. John W., Loras College, Dubuque9-Dec1950
Hradecky, Rev. Msgr. Wenceslaus C., retired, Saint Wenceslaus, Duncan27-Jun1972
Hruby, Rev. Msgr. Frank R., Saint Ludmila, Cedar Rapids30-Sep1960
Hussmann, Rev. John R., retired, Saint Joseph, Prairieburg14-Jul2010
Hutchinson, Rev. Donald R., retired, Saint Mary, McGregor & Saint Pius, Cherry Mound20-Jan1992
Iekel, Rev. Louis C., retired, Saint Joseph, Garnavillo31-Aug1976
Jaeger, Rev. Msgr. Leo A., Holy Ghost, Dubuque8-Apr1976
Johannes, Rev. Clement, Saint Mary, Dubuque9-Aug1905
Johannes, Rev. Wilfred C., retired, Saint Joseph, Garnavillo & Saint Michael, Garber31-Mar1993
Jungemann, Rev. Cyprian F., Sacred Heart, Meyer15-Nov1937
Kaiser, Rev. Eusebius, Saint Joseph, Fort Madison2-Nov1858
Kalb, Rev. Bertram J., retired, Sacred Heart, Volga & Saint Joseph, Wadena8-Jun2001
Kalb, Rev. Robert L., Saint Joseph, Prairie & Holy Family, New Melleray23-Jun1989
Kane, Rev. Justin J., retired, Saint Mark, Iowa Falls15-May2003
Karal, Rev. John W., retired, Saint Mary, Ackley & Saint Mary, Eldora8-Nov2006
Katz, Rev. Roger L., retired, Holy Name, Rockford2-Jul2014
Kaufmann, Rev. Fidelis J., retired, Sacred Heart, Dubuque12-Dec1984
Keane, Most Rev. James J., 5th Bishop & 3rd Archbishop of Dubuque2-Aug1929
Keane, Most Rev. John J., 4th Bishop & 2nd Archbishop of Dubuque22-Jun1918
Kearn, Rev. Msgr. James D., retired, Saint Matthew, Cedar Rapids24-Apr1971
Keating, Rev. Thomas W., Holy Ghost, Dubuque11-Dec1979
Keffeler, Rev. Nicholas U., Saint Patrick, Watkins; Saint Paul, Newhall; and Saint John, Blairstown19-Feb1948
Kelly, Rev. James D., Saint Patrick, Garryowen8-Jun1905
Kelly, Rev. Msgr. Emmett G., Saint Joseph, New Hampton4-Jan1956
Keppler, Rev. Daniel J., retired, Saint Patrick, Monona21-Jul2010
Kerby, Rev. Msgr. William J., Catholic University, Washington, D.C.27-Jul1936
kerndt, Rt. Rev. James M., O.C.S.O., retired, Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta22-Apr2010
Kerper, Rev. Msgr. Michael L., P.A., Church of the Nativity, Dubuque16-Dec1957
Kessler, Rev. John N., retired, Sacred Heart, Osage7-Dec1993
Kessler, Rev. William G., Saint Catherine, St. Catherine29-Mar1948
Kieffer, Rev. Wilmer J., Saint Aloysius, Garryowen6-Jan1950
Kiernan, Rev. Thomas, Saint Patrick, Center Grove, Clinton County15-Sep1897
Kinsella, Rev. Michael, Saint Patrick, Burlington2-Mar1880
Kirchoff, Rev. Paul W., retired, Saint Mary, Roseville9-Feb1979
Kirk, Rev. J. Joseph, retired, Saint Catherine, St. Catherine25-Dec1989
Kissane, Rev. James M., Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Clinton29-May1909
Kissling, Rev. John M., retired, Sacred Heart, Grundy Center and Queen of Heaven, Reinbeck14-Nov2016
Kissling, Rev. Joseph L., retired, Saint Mark, Edgewood16-Jun1997
Klassen, Rev. Msgr. Laurence W., retired, Saint Joseph, Elkader13-Apr1982
Klein, Rev. Karl J., retired, Saint Peter, Clermont26-Jan1999
Kleiner, Rev. Joseph G., retired, Immaculate Conception, Sumner & Saint Bridget, Pinhook28-Jan1993
Kleve, Rev. Arthur W., retired, Chaplain, Covenant Medical Center, Waterloo5-Jul2001
Kloss, Rev. Peter P., Saint Wenceslaus, Spillville19-Sep1908
Klosterman, Rev. James R., Associate Pastor, Saint Joseph, Cresco13-Jul1958
Klott, Rev. Msgr. Joseph J., Saint Mary, Dubuque16-Jan1956
Knaepple, Rev. Joseph, retired, Saint Donatus, St. Donatus8-May1903
Knapstein, Rev. Gaspar W., SS. Peter & Paul, Springbrook26-Aug1932
Knox, Rev. Thomas B., Saint Mary, Eldora9-Mar1968
Kolfenbach, Rev. Edgar C., retired, Sacred Heart, Grundy Center and Queen of Heaven, Reinbeck6-Sep1993
Kopecky, Rev. Msgr. Francis, Saint Wenceslaus, Duncan15-Jan1936
Kortenkamp, Rev. Anton, Saint Francis Xavier, Dyersville14-Sep1889
Kramolis, Rev. Godfrey, retired, Assumption, Little Turkey30-Jul1914
Krapfl, Rev. Daniel A., retired, the parishes of the St. Thomas Aquinas Pastorate12-Sep2011
Krapfl, Rev. Msgr. Richard R., retired, Saint Joseph, Greeley20-Mar1995
Kreimer, Rev. Msgr. Anthony, retired, SS. Peter & Paul, Sherrill1-May1969
Kress, Rev. Msgr. Justin A., retired, Saint Patrick, Dubuque10-Jan1999
Kress, Rev. Wilfred A., Immaculate Conception, North Buena Vista15-Aug1960
Kriebs, Rev. Msgr. J. Fred, Sacred Heart, Dubuque29-Dec1968
Krieger, Rev. Herbert J., retired, Saint Patrick, Colesburg25-Dec1965
Krocheski, Rev. Joseph E., retired, Saint Stephen, Chester26-Dec1973
Krull, Rev. Nicholas, retired, Saint Boniface, New Vienna29-Jul1971
Kruse, Rev. Charles F., retired, Saint Mary, Dorchester & Saint Mary, Hanover21-Nov1994
Kruse, Rev. Donald E., retired, Immaculate Conception, Masonville27-Feb1992
Kucera, Most Rev. Louis B., Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska9-May1957
Kucera, Rev. Stephen J., retired, Saint John Nepomucene, Fort Atkinson8-Jun1979
Kuenzel, Rev. Msgr. Lester H., Mount Saint Bernard Seminary, Dubuque31-May1963
Kunkel, Rev. William A., Sacred Heart, Maquoketa5-Mar1951
Kunsch, Rev. William C., retired, Saint Joseph, Key West29-Apr1997
Kurt, Rev. Allan J., retired6-Apr2013
Kurt, Rev. Carl E., retired, Saint Mark, Iowa Falls8-Mar1969
Kurt, Rev. Msgr. Edgar J., retired, Director, Archdiocesan Office of the Archives23-Sep2007
Kurth, Rev. Edmund A., retired, Loras College, Dubuque & Sacred Heart, Fillmore22-May1992
Kurz, Rev. Jacob A., retired, Saint Mary, Williams23-Sep1898
Labarge, Rev. Charles F., retired, Saint Joseph, Garnavillo12-Jan2004
Laffan, Rev. Thomas, retired, Immaculate Conception, Wexford20-Dec1930
Lakomy, Rev. Rudolph A., Holy Trinity, Protivin7-Jul1925
Lambert, Rev. Edward J., retired, Saint Patrick, Epworth10-Mar1993
Lana, Rev. Francis A., retired, Saint Mary, Cascade14-Jun1996
Landolt, Rev. Albin E., Saint Francis, Balltown12-Feb1964
Lane, Most Rev. Loras T., Bishop of Rockford, Illinois22-Jul1968
Lang, Rev. Anthony J., retired, Loras College, Dubuque2-Jun1990
Lattner, Rev. Gilbert C., Holy Name, Rockford1-Oct1962
LaValette, Rev. Paul J., Sacred Heart, Oelwein13-Oct1953
Lawler, Rev. Charles W., Chaplain, U.S. Navy15-Sep1986
Leahy, Rev. Patrick J., retired, Chaplain, Mount Loretto, Dubuque28-Aug1939
Lechtenberg, Rev. Charles B., Saint Francis de Sales, Ossian1-Aug1910
Leen, Rev. John J., V.F., Saint Joseph, New Hampton9-Dec1947
Leen, Rev. Msgr. William, Saint Patrick, Dubuque22-May1944
Lenihan, Most Rev. Mathias C., retired, Bishop of Great Falls, Montana, Titular Archbishop19-Aug1943
Lenihan, Most Rev. Thomas M., Bishop of Cheyenne, Wyoming15-Dec1901
Lenihan, Rev. Msgr. Daniel J., retired, Saint Patrick, Cedar Rapids20-Sep1961
Lentz, Rev. Nicholas J., Saint John, Waterloo1-Feb1950
Levenhagen, Rev. Robert J.retired, St. Patrick Parish, Monona24-Nov2018
Leonard, Rev. Msgr. William P., retired, Church of the Nativity, Dubuque10-Dec2008
Liddy, Rev. Patrick J., retired, Saint Joseph, Stone City30-Jun1911
Linkenmeyer, Rev. Msgr. Joseph E., retired, Saint Joseph, Bellevue4-Oct1969
Logan, Rev. Leo L., Associate Pastor, Saint Mary, New Hampton29-Jul1960
Lohberg, Rev. Franz J., retired, Saint Mary, Colo10-Dec1988
Lonergan, Rev. David J., retired, Saint Athanasius, Jesup11-Dec1948
Long, Rev. Harry H., retired, Saint Philomena, Asbury & Editor of The Witness25-Oct1955
Loosbrock, Rev. Edmund W., retired, Sacred Heart, Maquoketa7-Dec1982
Loosbrock, Rev. Henry J., retired, Holy Rosary, LaMotte1-Oct1941
Loras, Most Rev. Mathias, 1st Bishop of Dubuque19-Feb1858
Lorenz, Rev. Anton L., retired, Sacred Heart, Monticello31-Oct1947
Lorenz, Rev. Msgr. Eugene P., retired, Saint Mary, Lamont6-Aug1982
Loughnane, Rev. Patrick M., Saint Aloysius, South Garryowen5-Jun1928
Lowery, Rev. Clement J., Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids28-Jan1917
Luby, Rev. Msgr. Sylvester D., Saint Anthony, Dubuque13-Jun1965
Ludwig, Rev. Raphael A., retired, Saint Luke, St. Lucas & Saint Mary, Waucoma25-Jun2005
Luehrsmann, Rev. Gerhard H., Holy Rosary, LaMotte17-Dec1906
Lukan, Rev. Kenneth J., retired, teaching assignment, Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona18-Feb1996
Lundon, Rev. Denis, Chaplain, Mount Saint Agnes School of Nursing, Dubuque1-Jun1945
Lynch, Rev. Michael, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Lawler30-Mar1877
Lynch, Rev. Patrick, Saint Patrick, Britt14-Feb1907
Maasjost, Rev. Stephen, SS. Peter & Paul, Petersburg12-Feb1898
MacInerney, Rev. Michael F., Saint Francis Xavier, Belmond5-Dec1911
Mackey, Rev. Martin, Saint Joseph, Sioux City9-Sep1904
Magne, Rev. Peter, Saint James, Washington29-Jun1859
Maguire, Rev. Msgr. Paul J., Holy Name, Rockford13-Feb1985
Maher, Rev. Patrick J., Saint Joseph, DeWitt3-Oct1904
Mahoney, Rev. George A., Saint Mary, Eldora20-Mar1963
Mahoney, Rev. James D., retired, Saint Mary, Waverly20-May1967
Maichen, ReMaichen, Rev. Richard J., retired, St. Mary Parish, Manchesterv. Richard J., retired, St. Mary Parish, Manchester14-Aug2017
Malone, Rev. Msgr. Patrick F., retired, Mercy Hospital, Cresco8-Nov1977
Mann, Rev. William J., Loras College, Dubuque22-Aug1940
Manternach, Rev. Henry N., retired, Visitation, Stacyville29-Aug1949
Manternach, Rev. Mathias J., retired, Saint Boniface, Garner18-Mar1984
Manternach, Rev. Msgr. Albert V., retired, SS. Peter & Paul, Petersburg3-Jan2011
Marsh, Rev. John J., Corpus Christi, Fort Dodge22-Feb1865
Martin, Rev. Msgr. Joseph P., V.F., Saint Joseph, Waterloo27-Jan1955
Martin, Rev. Msgr. Michael J., P.A., retired, Saint Joseph, Dubuque29-Nov1989
Martin, Rt. Rev. Eugene, O.C.S.O., 5th Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta10-Nov1952
Matt, Rev. Irwin H., Holy Rosary, LaMotte4-Dec1995
Mauer, Rev. Msgr. John F., retired, Saint Mary, Cascade8-Nov1976
Mauer, Rev. Msgr. Stephen J., Saint Patrick, Cedar Falls28-Nov1952
May, Rev. Alois B., Saint Edward, Waterloo1-Aug1996
Mayer, Rev. Msgr. John H., retired, Saint Patrick, Colesburg19-Jun1977
Mazzuchelli, The Venerable Samuel C., O.P., Pioneer Priest, Saint Patrick, Benton, WI23-Feb1864
Mcavoy, Rev. Msgr. Ambrose A., retired, Saint Bridget, Postville18-Aug2005
McBride, Rev. James J., retired, Saint John the Baptist, Peosta and Holy Family, New Melleray27-Dec1995
McCabe, Rev. Charles M., retired, Saint Peter, Clermont5-May1902
McCabe, Rev. Patrick A., Saint Mary, Oskaloosa6-Jun1897
McCaffery, Rev. Bernard Hugh, O.C.S.O., Superior, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta3-Mar1883
McCaffery, Rev. John F., retired, Immaculate Conception, Masonville16-Jan1946
McCartey, Rev. Michael, Assumpton, Cresco31-Dec1909
McCarthy, Rev. Michael W., Chaplain, Saint Joseph Sanitarium, Dubuque16-Dec1916
McCormick, Rev. John, Saint Patrick, Winthrop15-Feb1928
McCullough, Rev. Francis, retired, Saint Philomena, Asbury27-Jan1920
McDermott, Rev. Philip C., Saint Francis de Sales, Ossian21-May1988
McDonald, Rev. Ernest J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Wexford1-Jan1958
McDonald, Rev. J. Robert, retired, Saint Paul, Newhall18-Nov1999
McDonald, Rev. John B., retired, Saint Patrick, Waukon25-Apr1972
McDonald, Rev. Paul F., retired, Chaplain, United States Air Force08-Oct2017
McDonnell, Rt. Rev. Ephrem, O.C.S.O., 1st Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta13-Mar1898
McDonough, Rev. Louis V., retired, Immaculate Conception, Castle Grove28-Mar1980
McElliott, Rev. Patrick W., retired, Saint John, Andrew14-Nov1987
McElliott, Rev. Timothy J., retired, Saint Joseph, Marion30-Dec1965
McEnany, Rev. Francis J., retired, Saint John, Coggon1-Apr1988
McGauran, Rev. Charles J., retired, Saint Patrick, Monti20-Jul1901
McGinnis, Rev. Patrick, Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Clinton13-Nov1893
McGovern, Rev. William L., Saint Patrick, Monti28-Jan1944
McGrath, Rev. Patrick J., V.F., Immaculate Conception, Charles City14-Aug1905
McKeegan, Rev. James S., Saint Mary, Clinton20-Nov1898
McKenna, Rev. Francis, Saint Anne, Welton26-Sep1860
McKinley, Rev. Frederick W., retired, Saint Mary, Williams17-Jan1962
McLaughlin, Rev. Patrick, Saint Mary, Clinton16-Jan1879
McLaughlin, Rev. William G., Sacred Heart, Maquoketa23-Oct1993
McMahon, Rev. Ambrose J., Saint Patrick, Anamosa16-Nov1966
McMahon, Rev. John J., Saint Pius, Cherry Mound5-Jun1895
McMahon, Rev. Patrick, Saint Mary, Waverly15-Jan1889
McManus, Rev. Hugh T., retired, Chaplain, U.S. Navy, San Diego, California29-Sep1989
McNamara, Rev. John, Saint Patrick, Monona3-May1925
McNamara, Rev. Patrick H., Saint Mary, Lycurgus9-May1936
McNamara, Rev. Patrick J., Chaplain, Sacred Heart Convent, Cedar Rapids14-Jan1941
McNamee, Rev. William, retired, Saint John the Baptist, Lisbon6-Jan1944
McNulty, Rev. Edward J., Sacred Heart, Rockwell; Saint John, Cartersville; and Saint Lawrence, Swaledale5-Feb1979
McNulty, Rev. James G., Saint Benedict, Decorah9-May1875
McSweeney, Rev. Cecil J., retired, Saint John, Clarion9-May1992
McGuire, Rev. Joseph E., retired, St. Mary, Vinton5-Oct2016
McTarsney, Rev. John F., retired, Immaculate Conception, Fairbank6-Jun2000
Meagher, Rev. Michael A., V.F., Saint Mary, Ackley25-Jul1926
Meis, Rev. Herman J., Saint Joseph, LeMars31-Dec1900
Menster, Rev. William J., retired, Saint Donatus, St. Donatus14-Apr2007
Merfeld, Rev. Howard M., Associate Pastor, Saint John, Waterloo12-Apr1935
Merfeld, Rev. Vincent C., retired, Chaplain, United States Air Force1-Dec2006
Meyer, Rev. Henry, Saint Catherine, St. Catherine9-Dec1926
Meyer, Rev. Msgr. Alfred P., V.F., Saint Mary, Marshalltown9-Dec1952
Meyerhofer, Rev. Matthias J., Saint Joseph, Earlville3-Jun1947
Michael, Rev. William C., Immaculate Conception, Van Horne18-Aug1989
Mikota, Rev. Francis L., Saint Michael, Norway22-Dec1888
Miller, Rev. Msgr. Charles J., V.F., Saint John the Evangelist, Independence23-Apr1966
Minogue, Rev. Daniel T., Saint Michael, Garber2-May1924
Molloy, Rev. Msgr. John M., P.A., V.F., Immaculate Conception, Cedar Rapids28-Jul1951
Molloy, Rev. Patrick J., Saint Patrick, Ryan28-Nov1948
Moore, Rev. Mark W., retired, Immaculate Conception, Clutier; Saint Wenceslaus, Carroll Township; and Saint Boniface, Garwin6-Jul1991
Moran, Rev. John W., retired, Saint Patrick, Monona27-Mar2008
Moran, Rev. Robert E., SS. Peter & Paul, Petersburg25-Feb1986
Mortel, Rev. John, Saint Joseph, Key West18-Jul1889
Most, Rev. William G., retired, Loras College, Dubuque31-Jan1999
Mulcahy, Rev. Daniel P., Saint Patrick, Anamosa23-Aug1933
Mulcahy, Rev. Francis M., Pastor Elect, Saint Peter, Clermont18-Jun1942
Mulhall, Rev. M. P., Saint Joseph, Key West22-Oct1906
Mullan, Rev. Msgr. Maurice A., Sacred Heart, Grundy Center25-May1978
Mullany, Rev. Marc H., Loras College, Dubuque14-Oct1924
Mullen, Rev. James A., Sacred Heart, Maquoketa19-Aug1944
Mullen, Rev. William P., Sacred Heart, LaPorte City13-Nov1981
Mulligan, Rev. James, Chaplain, Mount Saint Agnes, Dubuque1-May1930
Mulligan, Rev. Msgr. Francis P., Saint Patrick, Dubuque25-Aug1952
Mulligan, Rev. Thomas C., S.S., St. Thomas Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky7-Jun1960
MullIn, Rev. Francis A., Catholic University, Washington, D.C.2-Jan1947
Murphy, Rev. Daniel H., Sacred Heart, Early9-Feb1889
Murphy, Rev. Daniel W., Saint Mary, Dorchester21-Dec1884
Murphy, Rev. Joseph B., Saint Mary, Colo2-Dec1979
Murphy, Rev. Matthew S., retired, Saint Patrick, Ryan4-Nov1926
Murphy, Rev. Msgr. Richard P., retired, Saint Mary, Corwith10-Mar1958
Murphy, Rev. Patrick Joseph R. (or J.P.R.), Saint Mary, Waverly10-Sep1869
Murray, Rev. Martin B., Saint John, Coggon29-May1916
Murray, Rev. Raymond E., retired, SS. Peter & Paul, Gilbert16-Feb1960
Murtagh, Rev. John J., Saint Mary, Ackley6-Dec1948
Murtagh, Rev. Thomas J., V.F., Assumption, Cresco9-May1918
Nacke, Rev. Joseph C., Chaplain, Saint Francis Hospital, Waterloo21-Feb1932
Naebers, Rev. Peter J., Saint Francis, Barclay15-Sep1934
Nagle, Rev. Garrett T., Holy Cross, Holy Cross27-Dec1915
Nagle, Rev. Richard, Saint Mary, McGregor15-Aug1876
Naumann, Rev. John J., faculty, Loras College, Dubuque & Chaplain, Clarke College, Dubuque14-May1993
Neenan, Rev. Daniel J., retired, Chaplain, Saint Anthony Home, Dubuque19-Jun1940
Nees, Rev. Albert H., retired, Saint Mark, Edgewood19-Sep1981
Neiswanger, Rev. David L., S.S., retired, St. John Provincial Seminary, Plymouth, Michigan22-Jan1982
Nemmers, Rev. John N., Immaculate Conception, Gilbertville7-Sep1928
Neuses, Rev. Clarence A., Saint Aloysius, Garryowen28-Jun1952
Nicholls, Rev. Michael, Saint Patrick, Nevada & Saint Mary, Colo9-Aug1933
Nolan, Rev. John, retired, Sacred Heart, Oxford Junction18-Apr1920
Nolan, Rev. Maurice E., Saint Benedict, Decorah21-Jul1946
Nolan, Rev. Msgr. Timothy, V.F., Sacred Heart, Eagle Grove28-Nov1931
Noonan, Rev. Dorrance T., retired, Saint Patrick, Watkins1-Feb1977
Norris, Rev. John J., Saint Mary of Mount Carmel, Eagle Center23-May1919
Norris, Rev. Thomas J., retired, Saint Mary, Dorchester4-Oct1963
Norton, Rev. Matthew B., Saint Patrick on the Lizard4-Jun1886
Norton, Rev. Msgr. Claude B., retired, Saint Joseph, State Center22-Jul2005
Norton, Rev. Msgr. Michael K., Saint Patrick, Waukon28-Mar1921
Norton, Rev. Patrick J., retired, Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Oelwein2-Mar1962
Nosbisch, Rev. Henry P., retired, Saint Ansgar, St. Ansgar20-Feb1970
Nuebel, Rev. William A., retired, Chaplain, Saint Francis Home, Dubuque20-Apr1933
Nye, Rev. Warren E., Loras College, Dubuque2-Jun1986
OÕBeirne, Rev. Michael, Saint Joseph, Elkader26-Nov1867
OÕBrien, Rev. James J., Saint Columbkille, Dubuque17-Aug1931
OÕBrien, Rev. Msgr. Joseph V., retired, Cathedral of Saint Raphael, Dubuque24-Dec2011
OÕBrien, Rev. Msgr. Roger E., retired, Saint Boniface, Garner27-Mar2002
OÕBrien, Rev. Thomas F., Chaplain, Mount Carmel, Dubuque17-Nov1930
OÕBrien, Rev. William D., retired, Immaculate Conception, Haverhill23-Jan2014
OÕCallaghan, Rev. Maurice, retired, Saint Joseph, Marion7-Jul1931
OÕConnell, Rev. F. Leo, retired, Saint Luke, Hopkinton26-Mar1972
OÕConnor, Rev. Msgr. Patrick S., V.F., Saint Joseph, Mason City30-Oct1945
OÕConnor, Rt. Rev. Philip, O.C.S.O., retired, Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta7-Feb1998
OÕDonnell, Rev. Edmund, Immaculate Conception, Elma17-May1954
OÕDonnell, Rev. John M., retired, Saint John, Clarion27-Jul1953
OÕDonnell, Rev. John, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Lawler30-Apr1946
OÕDonnell, Rev. Michael, Saint John, Placid2-Apr1879
OÕDonnell, Rev. Thomas P., retired, Saint Mary, McGregor20-Jul1908
OÕDowd, Rev. Peter J., V.F., Saint John the Evangelist, Independence26-Apr1912
OÕGorman, Most Rev. James M., O.C.S.O., Vicar Apostolic of Omaha, Nebraska4-Jul1874
OÕHagan, Rev. Msgr. Edward J., retired, Sacred Heart, Waterloo22-Nov1978
OÕMalley, Rev. Msgr. Peter D., P.A., Saint Anthony, Dubuque2-Oct1952
OÕMeara, Rev. John J., Saint Mary, Ackley10-Dec1937
OÕRegan, Rev. Daniel, First Native Iowan Ordained Priest10-Feb1869
OÕReilly, Rev. Patrick D., Saint Patrick, Dougherty6-Aug1926
OÕSullivan, Rev. Daniel, retired, Saint Martin, Cascade10-Jul1978
OÕSullivan, Rev. Eugene, Saint Peter, Clermont10-May1880
OÕSullivan, Rev. Michael J., Immaculate Conception, Masonville6-Jul1977
OÕToole, Rev. Thomas B., retired, Saint Mary, Corwith12-Feb1972
Oberbroeckling, Rev. Frederick W., retired, Holy Trinity, Luxemburg6-Nov1929
Olinger, Rev. Msgr. Julius J., retired, Saint Mary, New Hampton19-Apr1993
Opava, Rev. Vincent, Saint Joseph, Prairieburg6-May1927
Ormsby, Rev. Robert A., retired, Saint Francis, Belmond30-Apr1973
Paar, Rev. John6-Feb2014
Palen, Rev. Robert L., retired, Sacred Heart, Maquoketa20-Nov2002
Panek, Rev. Wenceslaus F., retired, Saint Joseph, Chelsea10-Nov1953
Pape, Rev. Frederick W., Saint Boniface, New Vienna2-Apr1919
Patnode, Rev. Joseph I., retired, Chaplain, Sisters of Mercy Novitiate, Marion30-Dec1977
Peikert, Rev. Msgr. Albert S., retired, Saint Aloysius, Calmar7-Jan1969
Pelamourges, Rev. Anthony, Saint Anthony, Davenport19-Nov1875
Pepper, Rev. J. David
retired, Lawler, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Perry, Rev. Francis J., retired, Saint Boniface, Ionia & Immaculate Conception, N. Washington16-Oct2012
Peschong, Rev. Peter, Visitation, Stacyville10-Jan1899
Peters, Rev. Donald G., retired, Saint Paul, Worthington9-Oct1991
Peters, Rev. John M., retired, Saint Paul, Traer & Saint Joseph, Dysart31-May1997
Peters, Rev. Msgr. Vernon T., retired, Saint Francis de Sales, Ossian15-Dec1989
Petty, Rev. Msgr. Edward C., Immaculate Conception, Gilbertville & Saint Joseph, Raymond16-Oct2007
Phelan, Rev. Francis J., Saint Patrick, Monti22-May1977
Pitzen, Rev. John J., retired, Saint Patrick, Fairfax11-Jul2004
Plathe, Rev. Gerhard H., Saint Ambrose, Des Moines24-Apr1860
Portz, Rev. Peter J., Saint Joseph, Bellevue29-Nov1881
Powers, Rev. Msgr. William F., retired, Saint John, Delhi22-Oct1994
Powers, Rev. Robert, Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Anamosa26-Dec1925
Probst, Rev. John P., Immaculate Conception, North Washington2-Sep1913
Puetz, Rev. Peter J., Immaculate Conception, North Washington14-Nov1943
Purtell, Rev. John J., retired, Saint Francis of Assisi, Fayette; Saint Francis Xavier, Hawkeye; Immaculate Conception, Sumner19-Nov2013
Purtell, Rev. Thomas W., retired, Saint John, Andrew & Holy Rosary, La Motte19-Aug2011
Putz, Rev. Louis A., Immaculate Conception, Charles City11-Apr1977
Quigley, Rev. John J., Saint Joseph, Elkader11-Sep1887
Quigley, Rev. Patrick, Saint John the Baptist, Independence8-Mar1889
Quinn, Rev. John F., Chaplain, U.S. Air Force, Langley, VA12-June1959
Quinn, Rev. William A., Saint Patrick, Fairfax21-Feb1882
Quirin, Rev. Joseph P., retired, Saint Mark, Edgewood4-May1949
Raedler, Rev. Louis, Saint Joseph, Garnavillo17-Aug1925
Raftis, Rev. J. Duane, retired, Immaculate Conception, Wexford and Saint Ann-Saint Joseph, Harpers Ferry9-Dec2000
Rahe, Rev. Robert P., retired, Saint Joseph, New Albin & Saint Mary, Lycurgus12-Jul1988
Raker, Rev. Msgr. Clarence J., retired, Saint Patrick, Winthrop29-Apr1998
Ralph, Rev. Msgr. Thomas J., retired, Editor of The Witness29-Jul2013
Recker, Rev. Eugene R., Associate Pastor, Saint Mary, Cascade21-Jan1956
Reed, Rev. John T., retired, Associate Pastor, Immaculate Conception, Elma16-Apr1976
Regan, Rev. James D., Saint Peter, Clermont11-Nov1891
Regan, Rev. James J., Loras College, Dubuque5-Aug1944
Reicks, Rev. Msgr. Leander H., retired, Immaculate Conception, Elma & Saint Bernard, Alta Vista11-Feb2007
Reilly, Rev. John F., Saint Joseph, Elkader2-Apr1917
Reinert, Rev. Henry A., Saint Boniface, New Vienna4-Mar1950
Renier, Rev. Francis C., Saint John, Coggon7-Nov1930
Renier, Rev. Frederick J., Our Lady of Lourdes, Lourdes13-Feb1950
Ressler, Rev. Msgr. Wayne A., retired, pastor, Cathedral of St. Raphael21-Aug2019
Rethamel, Very Rev. Roger R., Saint Bernard, Alta Vista; Immaculate Conception, Elma and Our Lady of Lourdes, Lourdes2-Oct2001
Reynolds, Rev. Patrick, Saint Mary, Hanover11-Jan1947
Reynolds, Rev. Thomas J., Saint Patrick, Fairfax9-Feb1906
Rhomberg, Rev. Thomas W., retired, Saint Joseph, Elkader & Sacred Heart, Volga12-Mar2014
Richard, Rev. John H., retired, Immaculate Conception, Blessing26-Feb1945
Richard, Rev. Joseph A., Saint Boniface, New Vienna26-Sep1957
Richardson, Rev. Thomas F., Saint Patrick, Cedar Rapids12-Sep1889
Riley, Rev. Edward O., retired, Chaplain, U.S. Navy14-Aug1980
Roach, Rev. Msgr. William A., Saint Joseph, Prairie & Holy Family, New Melleray9-Apr1986
Roche, Rev. James H., retired, Saint John, Coggon5-Sep1972
Roche, Very Rev. Laurence, V.F., Saint Martin, Cascade30-Aug1925
Rogers, Rev. Daniel J.,
retired, Chaplain, Sisters of the Presentation, Dubuque
Rohlman, Most Rev. Henry P., 7th Bishop and 5th Archbishop of Dubuque13-Sep1957
Roney, Rev. Hugh F., retired, Saint Patrick, Dougherty20-Nov1928
Rooney, Rev. Msgr. Thomas J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Charles City23-Feb1961
Roseliep, Rev. Raymond F., Chaplain, Holy Family Hall, Dubuque6-Dec1983
Roskopf, Rev. John J., retired, Saint Mary, Vinton9-Mar1994
Roth, Rev. Jacob P., retired, Saint John Nepomucene, Fort Atkinson and Our Lady of Seven Dolors, Festina1-Apr2000
Rottler, Rev. Gustave I., retired, SS. Peter & Paul, Sherrill8-Dec1902
Rottler, Rev. Hermenegild J., retired, Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Waverly1-Jun1932
Rowan, Rev. William H., Loras College, Dubuque18-Feb1951
Rowe, Rev. Thomas, Saint Mary, Strawberry Point22-Jul1904
Rubly, Rev. Andrew J., retired, Our Lady of Seven Dolors, Festina1-Aug1950
Ruhland, Rev. Carl J., retired, Saint Mary, Lamont21-Apr2007
Russell, Rev. Msgr. William H., Catholic University, Washington, D.C.2-Jul1953
Ruzicka, Rev. Francis J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Clutier and Saint Wenceslaus, Carroll Township11-Oct1994
Ryan, Rev. Edmund, Saint Joseph, New Albin29-Apr1922
Ryan, Rev. John F., retired, Saint Joseph, Marion11-May1985
Ryan, Rev. Msgr. Kenneth M., retired, Saint Mary of Mount Carmel, Eagle Center15-Sep1987
Ryan, Rev. Msgr. Roger, V.G., Saint Patrick, Dubuque9-Jan1912
Ryan, Rt. Rev. Bruno, O.C.S.O., 3rd Abbot, New Melleray Abbey, Peosta2-Aug1944
Ryan, Very Rev. Patrick H., V.F., Assumption, Cresco6-Jul1928
Sampson, Rev. Cornelius, Sacred Heart, Reilly Settlement1-May1924
Sassen, Rev. William B., SS. Peter & Paul, Petersburg18-Apr1916
Saunders, Rev. Robert J., retired4-Jul2007
Sauter, Rev. Augustine, retired, Our Lady of Seven Dolors, Festina7-Jun1926
Scallan, Rev. Nicholas F., retired, Saint Joseph, Waterloo15-Oct1891
Scallon, Rev. James, Saint Simon, DeWitt10-Apr1881
Scallon, Rev. Maurice L., retired, Immaculate Conception, Haverhill1-Jul1988
Schallau, Rev. Conrad R., retired, Saint John, Coggon1-Mar1990
Schares, Rev. Roman A., Saint Joseph, Cresco25-May1982
Scharphoff, Rev. Msgr. Henry C., retired, Saint Joseph, Rickardsville10-Aug1968
Schemmel, Rev. Joseph N., Holy Rosary, LaMotte22-Feb1982
Schilmoeller, Rev. Joseph H., retired, Saint Paul, Worthington22-Mar1960
Schlueter, Rev. Joseph M., Visitation, Stacyville15-Feb1928
Schmeetz, Rev. Aloysius, Chaplain, Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids9-Jan1941
Schmidt, Rev. Florian J., retired, SS. Peter & Paul, Springbrook14-May2015
Schmidt, Rev. Wilfred W., retired, Saint Mary, Dubuque1-Dec2001
Schmitt, Rev. Aloysius H., Chaplain, US Navy, Pearl Harbor7-Dec1941
Schmitt, Rev. Donald P., Sacred Heart, Monticello17-Mar2007
Schmitz, Rev. Alfred J., Immaculate Conception, Sand Springs6-Jul1973
Schmitz, Rev. J. George, retired, Saint Lawrence, Otter Creek17-Nov1980
Schmitz, Rev. John A., retired, Saint Mary, Greene15-Oct1991
Schroeder, Rev. Karl G., retired, Loras College, Dubuque1-May1999
Schueller, Rev. LaVerne L., retired, Chaplain, United States Air Force1-Feb2014
Schuh, Rev. Msgr. Francis L., retired, Saint Luke, St. Lucas10-Jul1970
Schulte, Rev. Conrad L., Saint Bernard, Breda27-Sep1897
Schulte, Rev. Msgr. George N., retired, Loras College, Dubuque23-Apr1996
Schulte, Rev. Msgr. William H., V.F., Immaculate Conception, Cedar Rapids17-Apr1957
Schwinn, Rev. Thomas J., retired, Saint Patrick, Fairfax & Holy Trinity, Walford19-Jul2009
Semper, Rev. Msgr. Isidore J., Loras College, Dubuque20-Mar1955
Sheehan, Rev. Michael, Saint Joseph, Harpers Ferry2-Jun1920
Sheehy, Rev. James, Saint Mary, Waucoma12-Feb1939
Sheehy, Rev. John, Immaculate Conception, Masonville31-Jan1934
Sheehy, Rev. Msgr. Maurice S., retired, Saint Pius X, Cedar Rapids10-Feb1972
Sheils, Rev. John, Saint Mary, Waverly30-May1870
Shekleton, Rev. Gerald, Editor of The Witness & Chaplain, Mount Loretto, Dubuque5-Dec1979
Shekleton, Rev. Lowell J., Saint Mary, Guttenberg18-Mar1972
Showalter, Rev. Norbert P., Saint Joseph, Garnavillo31-Dec1971
Sigwarth, Rev. Msgr. Anthony W., retired, Saint Mary, Dubuque27-Dec1985
Sigwarth, Rev. Reynold J., retired, Saint Patrick, Colesburg5-Dec1998
Simon, Rev. Vincent J., Saint Mary, Waucoma29-Sep2004
Sims, Rev. John C., Sacred Heart, Fillmore12-Jan1978
Sindelar, Rev. John P., Holy Trinity, Walford15-Aug1937
Skahill, Rev. Msgr. Bernard H., V.F., Saint Mary, Marshalltown1-Oct1966
Skluzacek, Rev. Jaroslav S., retired, Saint Joseph, Chelsea11-Jan1984
Slattery, Rev. David J., Saint John the Baptist, West Ridge24-Sep1922
Slattery, Rev. James, Saint Alphonus, Mount Pleasant10-Mar1866
Slattery, Rev. Msgr. Edmond J., V.F., Saint Joseph, Waterloo23-Oct1935
Slattery, Rev. Richard, retired, Saint Joseph, New Hampton8-Jan1936
Slowey, Rev. Msgr. James E., V.F., Saint John, Clarion24-Mar1965
Smith, Rev. John P., retired, Immaculate Conception, Wexford & Saint Ann-Saint Joseph, Harpers Ferry18-Feb2006
Smith, Rev. Msgr. John J., retired, Sacred Heart, Grundy Center8-Dec1985
Smith, Rev. Patrick J., retired, Saint Joseph, New Hampton8-Oct1914
Smyth, Most Rev. Clement, O.C.S.O., 2nd Bishop of Dubuque23-Sep1865
Sodawasser, Rev. Msgr. Ardell A., Saint Joseph, Raymond3-Mar1991
Spahn, Rev. Robert J., retired, Saint Mary, Strawberry Point19-Sep1985
Spaight, Rev. Msgr. Robert L., retired, Saint Michael, Nashua20-Jan2003
Stark, Rev. John W., retired, Immaculate Conception, Masonville6-Dec1999
Steele, Rev. Frederick B., Associate Pastor, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Lawler17-Jan1920
Steffen, Rev. Msgr. Nicholas A., Saint Cecilia, Ames8-Aug1952
Steiert, Rev. Msgr. Gerald V., retired, Saint Aloysius, Calmar7-Dec1984
Steinlage, Rev. Charles G., SS. Peter & Paul, Petersburg7-Aug1968
Stemm, Rev. Msgr. George A., Saint John, Blairstown13-Oct1969
Stirn, Rev. Arthur F., Immaculate Conception, Riceville6-May1960
Striegel, Rev. Msgr. Luke B., retired, Saint Joseph, Elkader7-Dec1989
Stuart, Rev. Msgr. John C., Saint Patrick, Waukon1-May1936
Sullivan, Rev. Edward P., retired, Loras College, Dubuque8-Jul1982
Sullivan, Rev. Msgr. Joseph A., retired, Holy Name, Rockford18-Jan1999
Sullivan, Rev. Msgr. Michael C., Vicar General & Chancellor21-Sep1928
Sullivan, Rev. Timothy D., retired, Saint Mary, Vinton3-Aug1926
Sullivan, Rev. Timothy J., Saint Patrick, Cedar Rapids26-Dec1914
Supple, Rev. Edward J., retired, Saint Patrick, Winthrop14-Nov1976
Supple, Rev. Msgr. James A., retired, Saint Patrick, Nevada31-Aug2003
Svrdlik, Rev. Florian, retired, Saint Wenceslaus, Cedar Rapids30-Dec1920
Sweeney, Rev. James, Saint James, Sunnyside22-Jul1880
Sweeney, Rev. Msgr. Donald F., retired, Saint Mary, Guttenberg6-Jul1999
Swift, Rev. Robert V., Saint Mary of Mount Carmel, Eagle Center20-Aug1980
Syrovy, Rev. Joseph A., retired, Saint Mary, Vining7-Oct1993
Taken, Rev. Msgr. James P., V.F., Saint Joseph, Elkader12-Jul1948
Tarrant, Rev. Msgr. Daniel J., Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids25-Mar1991
Theobald, Rev. John, retired, Holy Trinity, Luxemburg26-May1969
Thielen, Rev. Msgr. Thoralf T., retired, faculty, Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus, Ohio6-Nov1993
Thier, Rev. Msgr. August R., Loras College, Dubuque, and Chaplain, Marian Hall, Mount Carmel, Dubuque25-Jul1961
Thiltgen, Rev. Msgr. Michael J., retired, V.F., Saint Francis de Sales, Ossian1-Aug1965
Thole, Rev. Aloysius J., Holy Trinity, Luxemburg21-Nov1944
Thornton, Rev. Msgr. John F., retired, Saint Patrick, Dougherty5-Aug1985
Tibeau, Rev. Albert N., retired, Saint Peter, New Haven16-Oct1939
Tierney, Rev. Patrick A., retired, Saint Joseph, Prairie4-Jan1918
Tobin, Rev. John, Immaculate Conception, Fairbank17-Jul1899
Tobin, Rev. Lawrence D., Saint Mary of Mount Carmel, Eagle Center25-Dec1927
Tobin, Rev. Msgr. Neil W., retired, Sacred Heart, Monticello and Immaculate Conception, Castle Grove10-Feb2009
Toomey, Rev. Michael F., Chaplain, Saint Francis Hospital, Waterloo21-Jul1940
Toomey, Rev. Msgr. John J., V.F., Immaculate Conception, Cedar Rapids21-Jan1934
Torpey, Rev. William J., retired, Immaculate Conception, Fairbank22-Oct1952
Tracy, Rev. Maurice J., retired, Chaplain, Mercy Health Center, Dubuque20-Apr1990
Trecy, Rev. Jeremiah F., retired, Saint Patrick, Garryowen5-Mar1888
Tritz, Rev. Aloysius B., Saint Donatus, St. Donatus8-Mar1905
Trumm, Rev. Peter A., retired, Saint Patrick, Winthrop31-Jul1919
Trzil, Rev. Louis J., retired, Cherry Mound, Harpers Ferry and Wexford3-May2017
Tushak, Rev. Stephan J., Holy Trinity, Walford27-Apr1959
Urbanek, Rev. Louis M., Saint Joseph, Prairieburg6-May1962
Vallaster, Rev. Francis J., retired, Saint Bridget, Postville26-Jun1963
Voels, Rev. David R., Director, American Martyrs Retreat House, Cedar Falls26-Aug1960
Vogl, Rev. Msgr. Robert R., retired, Loras College, Dubuque27-Dec2014
Vojacek, Rev. Msgr. August, Saint Wenceslaus, Cedar Rapids27-Apr1945
Vollmecke, Rev. Joseph, retired, Saint Stephen, Chester23-Dec1981
Vopatek, Rev. Thomas, Immaculate Conception, Clutier3-Oct1945
Vrba, Rev. Francis I., Holy Trinity, Protivin2-Oct1910
Wagener, Rev. John P., Saint Joseph, Cresco11-Feb1940
Wagner, Rev. Robert M., Associate Pastor, Saint Columbkille, Dubuque8-Jan1970
Walbaum, Rev. Dean L., retired, Saint John, Andrew4-Apr1996
Walsh, Rev. James, Saint Mary, Wilton Junction13-Sep1874
Walsh, Rev. John J., retired, Saint John, Blairstown; Saint Paul, Newhall; and Immaculate Conception, Van Horne13-Aug2013
Walsh, Rev. Patrick A., retired, Saint Patrick, Waukon27-Oct1925
Walshe, Rev. Austin J., retired, Saint Aloysius, Garryowen18-Aug1953
Warning, Rev. Msgr. Theodore T., Chaplain, Mount Saint Francis, Dubuque10-Jan1939
Watters, Most Rev. Loras J., Bishop Emeritus of Winona, Minnesota30-Mar2009
Weber, Rev. Joseph N., Immaculate Conception, Elma17-Feb1967
Wegmann, Rev. Theodore, Holy Angels, Roselle2-Apr1887
Weikmann, Rev. John B., Saint Boniface, New Vienna11-Oct1870
Weimer, Rev. Eugene J., retired, Holy Name, West Union20-Jun1988
Weirich, Rev. William J., Holy Ghost, Dubuque16-Aug1931
Weis, Rev. Paul L., Saint Clement, Bankston25-Apr2001
Wendling, Rev. Louis E., Saint Joseph, Key West25-Sep1969
Werner, Rev. Warren O., retired29-Jul2010
Weydert, Rev. Donald D., retired, Saint Patrick, Ryan5-Aug2008
Whalen, Rev. Charles W., retired, Saint Joseph, Prairie & Holy Family, New Melleray13-Nov2006
Whalen, Rev. James L., Saint Patrick, Tama30-Oct1929
Wheeler, Rev. Dennis, Saint Andrew, Bellevue11-Mar1861
Wheeler, Rev. Msgr. David A., P.A., retired, Vicar General26-Mar2009
White, Rev. Alphonse P., retired, Immaculate Conception, Masonville10-Jul1997
White, Rev. Bernard L., Saint Patrick, Fairfax6-Apr1971
White, Rev. Louis P., retired, Saint Joseph, Greeley2-Aug1975
White, Rev. Norman R., retired, director, Rural Life Office28-Aug1996
Wiehl, Rev. Joseph F., retired, Saint John, Andrew16-Jun1970
Wieneke, Rev. Msgr. John C., Holy Ghost, Dubuque6-Mar1954
Wilberding, Rev. Herman A., Immaculate Conception, Haverhill29-Sep1938
Willging, Most Rev. Joseph C., Bishop of Pueblo, Colorado3-Mar1959
Wirtz, Rev. John, retired, Sacred Heart, Meyer23-Dec1932
Woerdehoff, Rev. Anthony C. Saint Joseph, Cresco9-Sep1949
Wolfe, Rev. Francis L., retired, Chaplain, Sacred Heart Convent, Cedar Rapids30-Jun1960
Wolfe, Rev. Msgr. John M., P.A., retired, Superintendent of Schools and Director of Propagation of the Faith3-Oct1958
Wunder, Rev. Louis W., Immaculate Conception, Clutier; Saint Wenceslaus, Carroll Township; and Saint Boniface, Garwin28-Jan1990
Zachar, Rev. Msgr. Albert L., retired, Saint John, Blairstown30-Dec1999
Zeyen, Rev. Msgr. Joseph J., Saint Mary, Dubuque14-Jul1947
Ziegler, Rev. Wilbur W., retired, Immaculate Conception, Fairbank5-Oct1982
Zigrang, Rev. James B., Saint Paul, Worthington18-Apr1913
Zigrang, Rev. James B., Saint Paul, Worthington18-Apr1913