Mercy In Motion

 Mercy is alive in the archdiocese!  Although the Year of Mercy officially concluded in November 2016, parishes, schools and other groups throughout the archdiocese have continued their efforts to perform and promote the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

In our role as a resource to you, the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center presents the “Mercy In Motion” campaign to aid in the continued promotion of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

This campaign is intended to supplement your current efforts, if you so choose.

Mercy in Motion flyers and posters may either be ordered through the archdiocesan print shop by clicking here or downloaded using the appropriate text links above the thumbnail images.

Corporal Works of Mercy
Download files:

Feed the Hungry                     8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Give Drink to the Thirsty     8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Clothe the Naked                   8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Visit the Sick                             8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Shelter the Homeless           8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Visit the Imprisoned              8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Bury the Dead                          8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters



Spiritual Works of Mercy

Download files:
Counseling the Doubtful    8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Comforting the Sorrowful  8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Forgiving Injuries                   8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Bearing Wrongs Patiently   8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Instructing the Ignorant      8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Admonishing the Sinner     8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
Praying for the Living           8.5×11 Flyers     11×17 Posters
and Dead



On the first Wednesday of each month, a pair of social media posts will feature a Work of Mercy from the perspectives of one performing a particular work and one receiving. Each post will be accompanied by the #MercyInMotion hashtag.  The hashtag can be entered into the search bar of the social media platform to find all other posts of the same topic. Archdiocesan posts will be posted in the evenings to maximize viewership.  We encourage others to share the posts in the hours/days that follow and be part of the #MercyInMotion movement.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers practical ideas and insights for living a life of mercy.  View their pages on the Corporal Works and the Spiritual Works.